Dear mr.giant~~

Current time : 12.44AM
Temperature : haze 3.4C (predicted to be raining / snowing tmrw hohoho let’s see)
Location : room

Well, i just back from the …. LAB…. hohoho yeah..normal life has started again ^ ^ usually i’ll go to the course on wed nite. But this month i take 1-month break, just 1 month! gotta back next month 🙂

Just a quick update bout this n that.

Wednesday, first class bout Graphic Comp n animation.
And the result was, (i guess) i slept on the class : ( so sorry to the lecturer : | dunno why i was so so so so so sleepy. I think it’s because of the big-portion of the nyummy lunch, so though i had the coffee before the class, it didn’t give any effect.

Tuesday (yup going back)
Had a group meeting in lab. And (finally) i got an assignment. It sounds simple but arrrggghhhh… i still can’t finish it 😐

*for those who has no interest in programming, just skip it kkk *

the task is, make GUI display like desktop. Plain black background, with icons can be clicked and executed. See…simple huh…And make it using console programming.

I already got the logic for that. Ok, what’s on my mind was try to get the current path, then get all the files in it, then show it with icon. that’s all, that’s it.
The problem for this un-experience-traveler-that-pretend-to-be-programmer person had no idea what’s the console programming is! *what a silly thing* so even if all the logic is in my mind, but i have no idea how to make it!.
And the silly me, i spent couple of hours just to figure out what the console programming is! and finally i realized all those hair-want-to-be rope, balls from last class are part of console programming!!

suddenly 1 quote splashes on my head

He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.
(Leonardo da Vinci)

yeah..that’s me, the practical girl without knowing the basic.

I lost on the web, just to figure out the GUI toolkit for the assignment.. gnome, x11, and dunno what else… downloaded source codes, without knowing for sure.
And so here i am playing with the GL again.

It’s kinda frustrating cos i know what i want to do, but can’t figure out how to make it come true! Just feel like a baby again…event to print out a simple text on a certain position i spent some hours…Grrr grrr… wish it as simple as printf(“hello world”) xixixi
Feel like a baby who learn to speak. so many things that want to be spoken, but dunno what to say.

But, well, it’s part of the learning process. And i (try to) enjoy the process.
Fail, lost in web, and other things. But i learned, gotta be patient. Event to re-read a command for a very simple task. Step-by-step! slowly but sure!
It’s ok to be baby again, cos it means i’ll have a chance to grow up!

So dear mr.giant, today i still not beat you down. But at least i’ll keep my spirit to beat you ^^
Cos the assignment can be part of my research ^ ^ If i could pass this simple assignment, then it’s possible tp be extented it to be a better application!

Though still not succeed yet, but it doesn’t mean i fail.
though i fell down today, i’ll get up and remember the hole where i fell.
Dear mr.giant…see you tomorrow  ^ ^.

azaaa azaaa paiting~~

*err err…why this lower-back stars to feel uncomfortable again…err err.
Tomorrow gonna be alrite!*



4 thoughts on “Dear mr.giant~~

  1. @ c ceemot
    ga dee…da better kok sekarang…da baek looo

    @ pucca
    maaci ^ ^
    kayakna salah posisi duduk neeh, kebanyakan bongkok kkk… jadi sekarang kalo duduk sering2 ganti posisi hihii

    @ pitshu
    na itu diaaa…gambarna ga dikasi hihihi..cuma poto doang trus diliatin via komputer kkkk
    pokoknya tulangku terlihat indah deee hahaha

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