Step by step

Current time : 2.39AM
Temperature : 1.8C
Location : Room

With the power of coffee and ginseng hohoho, thnx G i could finished one step from thousand steps kkk. Yeah consequence of being not-so-smart with-lack-of-coding-experience researcher student ^ ^ the simple thing that supposed to be finished in 1-2days, had to be finised in (i wish) a week. Huff.. But somehow i’m enjoying this process.

Start from Monday, i got the task till Wed i still tried to figure out bout the console programming. Then bothered some friends asking bout that…sorry friends~~ then tried to figure out bout applying graphic.

The simple task : make a simple desktop display with console plus simple interaction!
(if it’s a folder, so it displayed with folder icon, also other icons).

So the simple logic is just find the current path, show all the files/folders in that path. Then if i choose the folder, the active path will be changed.

In this mess condition, kinda hard to think step by step and IMPLEMENT it kkk. I could think like that, but everytime i google-ing bout the topic, i got lost on the net.
But finally i could break it down, and finally on Thursday i finished to implement the basic interaction without graphic! fully just on the console xixixi. At least i could display all contents in the active path, select file (and open it), select folder and change the active path.
so simple huh πŸ˜› but need couple of days to figure out *what a brain γ…œγ…œ*

And for the graphic, finally i went back to GL. I tried to figure out how to display a picture in GL. And just figure it out yesterday (on Friday) but unfortunately that’s only for the bmp 24bits! errr…I also spent my hours with trying to find some icons for folder, excel file, but i found most of it were in *.ico / .*jpg…or if it’s bitmap, it’s not the 24 bits that could be read with the program. *another frustrating thing huh*
So i spent most of the time with trying to find the icon with the specified picture format! *what a me*
But at least i made progress with the graphic, at least i could display the picture (though only with that format).And figure out the freeImage library is very powerful!

And since i slept so late (around 2), so today i woke up late, and i’m enjoying it’s been a while i didn’t wake up after 10 ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜~~ Then had a big brunch with the cereal, then went out to supermarket to have some fresh air, then i found my self so sleepy (it must be becos of the big brunch). So had a coffee then took a nap.
And finally went to lab around 3pm (so sorry to my friend i couldn’t go out with her today)

Today, i made some progress ^ ^

Though i still can’t make the final request but at least…i already finished the under-console simple folder interaction. And finally i could display the picture without extension constraint (again thnx to the FreeImage) happy when i figured that out ^ ^.
So, *.ico – *.jpg – *.bmp – *.png..or what else…i’m not afraid anymore hahaha, i could use u all *beat 1 giant hoho*.
Then had a dinner with friends around 8, and decided to buy ginseng drink hoho and it really works! Though the taste (and the smell) is killing me but it’s good for health and it really works ^^

After dinner, went back to lab again… and tak tik tuk…

And finally i could put the picture in specified (rectangle) area with the texture.. Fyuh.

So i just need to combine the folder interactions and this graphical thing! ν™”μ΄νŒ…~~ (may be tomorrow~)

Wish i could wake up early for the church, moreover k tracie (the english teacher) won’t come cos she has to go back for a while. So tomorrow we’re (just) going to have discussion in the english class, no teaching xixixi. (i’m just a helper looo, not a teacher looo)

Gut nait~~~ 잘자용~~~


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