More InSam?

인삼 -> in sam -> means white ginseng ^ ^

I remembered ci wil that ever gave me the ginseng when i was in Jkt. But i forgot the name of that ginseng… hongsam?? or…. molla ㅋㅋㅋ

Current time : 03.08
Temperature : 2.7C
Location : room ^^

Lucky i got a bike from lab, cos it was so freezing. Weird huh, it’s only 2.7C but i was freezing : | so i didn’t wanna spend more freezing time outside. Thnx for the one who left that bike (n sorry if u thought u can use it to go back xixixi)

Thnx G, today the english classes ran well, though the main teacher couldn’t come, but thnx G cos we still can enjoy the class. Since i slept quite late n gotta woke up early, so i used my time effectively in the subway to SLEEP ^ ^. n lucky me, i wasn’t late for the class : D

And FINALLY i didn’t feel sleepy in the service time today  (xixixi) *huray*. Kinda surprise with the spirit i had today, i could wake up early, and woke up exactly in the station. And the happiest one, i wasnt sleepy during the preach  ^^ Thnx G..(hmmm was it cos of the InSam???? dunno ㅋㅋ)

After the church n the class, went back to dorm, had a sleep for couple of minutes, had free-dinner in the cafetaria (had the ginseng that left from yesterday..Gee i should hold my breath everything i drink it : ( ) and finally the day just begun ^ ^

Just for breaking news, today all the headlines in the web, filled with the actrees who commited a suicite. It’s everywhere on the news. So in my refreshing time, i spent my time with reading some news, blogging, checking email.

Ok, back to topic..

Today i made some progress *happy ^ ^*
So at least i could combine the coding for the console interaction and the graphic ^ ^. Though it still not finish yet. But at least, i could show the icons as many as the objects in the current path (1) ^^. Though in the middle, something happend and it quite ruined up my stuff. Cos the program that already succeed to be compiled n run, suddenly error *mamiiiiii*
So i tried to fix it up first….and it was quite time-consuming.

And also finally i could differentiate the icon for the folder and not folder(2), which means, it’s just a matter of validation, to show another icon *Yippiiii*

So for the next…
I’ll fix up the display, cos it’s still messy.
Then try to detect where i click, whether i click the background / folder / file
Put the filename
Add some interactions …

Hmmm should i buy more InSam again~~~ it’s not delicious, but it’s good hohoho~~

잘자~~~time to recharge energy~~


2 thoughts on “More InSam?

  1. @ pucca
    hmm aer jahe ya ci..iya si anget, tapi ntar malah bikin pengen bobo ga ya tu hahahaha…
    besok coba liat2 harga minuman jahe ah..semoga ad yang kecil.. (terakhir liat soalna setoples gituh… bingung de gmn ngabisinna)

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