Love monday~

Yes, today is earlier than yesterday. *hihi another daily update*

I figure out, the busier i am, the more often i post.
Isn’t it supposed to be on the opposite thing? *yeah weird me*

current time : 2.13AM
temperature : 1.8C (but the wind is 3.3 whoooossshhh)
location : room ^^ (yes… i do really try to minimize the post from lab)

(set the day back to monday) today i woke up quite was 8.30 kkkk *sorry prof* it was so hard to open up my eyes : | .. so i went to lab quite late too *hix*
even in lab, it’s quite hard to concentrate. I think my head need a break, but it still not finish yet, so gotta squeeze it lil bit more! 화이팅!!

In the morning, got a shock with the news today. After couple of days NTU case, and today i found out there was one more person died. And he was from the same lab with the person from previous case.
I have no idea what’s going on there. Just don’t feel good, got a 3 big-bad news in a week. Wish the police can finish it well.

And today i had a class (n the lecture was with my advisor :-s) so i prepared for the class. But not bout the material preparation, but for the not-to-get-sleepy preparation ^ ^. So after i finished the lunch, had coffee then had a 10-minutes nap in my chair. *well that’s the research in Japan said, coffee will take it’s effect after (around) 30minutes after it. So have a coffee before nap is one of the good method*
And yippi..i did it, i didn’t feel sleepy in the class ^ ^ (though “injected” with glass of coffee). Class had started, means assignments are waiting~~

After dinner, i started my day again~ playing with GL huff huff.. but it’s exciting ^ ^ just need more time to finish it.

Monday… i start to (try to) love it, especially today ^ ^. After row of late sleep, sleepy head in the morning, and finally monday came again. But what cheer me up on monday is i can watch the drama (xixixixi) and the continued with talk-show on tv. And those 2 programme, especially the talk-show, it always make me laugh and it’s so interesting to know other’s culture ^^
Today’s word in the talk-show : 세상에 ^ ^ one member left, but new member came, and today’s new member was quite interesting ^ ^ especially when there was another member tried to explain some expression to her. Cos the way she (the another member) explained to her (the new member) was quite funny.

So i watched the tv (through inet) while doing the assignment. N it really work to help me to keep awake ^^. Plussss… on my way back to dorm, i was so sleepy BUT (unfortunately) i wore a hood-less not-thick jacket (but it’s not thin too, it’s just normal) plus the wind was whooooossshhh-ing plus i didn’t get a bike, so those all completely made me awake on my way back to dorm, and gave some strength to post ^^
*Still wondering whether it’s still winter or already spring? make me confuse bout the jacket that i should use : ( huff huff*

Great day ^ ^ though still not finish, but at least 3 of 4 plans from yesterday were done *yippi* lil bit more ta~~

Time to recharge for tomorrow’s battle~
Have a good time : )


3 thoughts on “Love monday~

  1. do u know what is 찜닭?
    do u know what is 닭?
    do u know what is 찜?
    찜닭 is 닭 and 찜 add together.
    너무 웃겨 😀

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