Gee~~what a…

Gee~~~’s not bout the song. But it’s about the not-so-good-not-productive day and i don’t like this kinda day : |


Actually it’s from yesterday : ( and i should confess that M*N Mes*en*er ruined my day : |
Cos i couldn’t used it! (yeah i become messenger addicted now i guess, but that’s important for communication, isn’t it?)

well may be i did something wrong but i didn’t know what’s wrong.. what did i do? what did i change? arrrghhh it frustated me (yeah i use past, means now it’s ok)

It said :
– Error code : 80072efd and i already did regsvr32 Dssenh.dll Gpkcsp.dll Slbcsp.dll Sccbase.dll, after spent some times to goog but this prob. Then i tried to log in again, but the next one was
– Error code : 81000306 and i did : regsvr32 Softpub.dll Mssip32.dll Initpki.dll, and tried to log in again, and the result was
– Error code : 81000314….which contiunued to 8100030e

Arrrrghhhh, what a not-human language, what a code!! I tried to surf here and there, installed the registryu cleaner, Netsh Winsock Reset, delete the program using id key…
sok naon deui nu aya!!!! aaaarrrggghhh lieur ah..kumaha ieu teh udah coba sanah sinih masih aja nteu bisa!!! meuni pikaseubeuleun pisan kalo udah begini mah!!!

Huff.. there was a time when i suddenly could log in BUT when i tried to send msg to my friends, they didn’t get it, also i didn’t get their messages. Also i tried to log in under web, but still didn’t work. But other messengers were fine!
So i tried to switch messenger with my friend, and guess what. She could logged-in in my comp and i couldn’t logged-in in her comp! Gee~~What a….. *grumble*

So totally i didn’t reall  “work” today bcos i tried to fix THESE problem (the error codeS) with some solutionS that offered in the inet. But…still~~

So finally i decided… not to use that application, instead of going crazy with this thing. I still can live without it hahahha… so at least my messenger minus 1 (in lab : P)
Life is beautiful ^ ^ n i don’t wanna mess it up with this thing too long hihii…

Have a good day ^ ^


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