Getting closer

Getting closer… with the giants… Not they that coming to me, they will always there anyway. It’s time for me to see them I guess. So i’m getting closer with the giants who guard the winning gate ^ ^

After couple of days going back late from lab, and sleep late. Finally, i decided to have more rest, to recharge before meeting the other giants. (at least, i have 2 ginsengs with me now hihi). So, yesterday (Tue) after having class with my friend, i just went back to dorm, watch the tuesday’s nite routinity drama hihihi, and slept early earlier than the days before. And today, I met new friend (actually she is a friend of my friend), and introduced her to korean food (samgyeopsal for sure ^ ^) and ChengGye stream in the town. Then walked to the book store to buy a book (for the class) See..i’m enjoying today’s AFTER LAB activities. Cos the M*S stuff really ruin my lab time : | errrr…

So (forget bout that probs), here’s our pic ^ ^ cos Pan told us that we could take a pic for free directly from the spot (touch screen kiosk), and they will send us the pic.
cheonggyeHahaha…the pose with korean style pose.. And after seeing this pic, i just figure out that am i become so that korean???? Hey but i have a good answer for that ^ ^. I wrote the words first : D so i really had no idea that pan(2nd) will write in thai, and it inspired us to ask lea(3rd) to write in Germany. I should’ve write “selamat malam” huh *but why it sounds lil bit weird* supposed to be “selama datang” hihihi anyway, we had a good time : )
I always enjoy it, when i can share bout some stories / places with others. Not only in here, but also in my hometown ^ ^ I enjoyed being a driver to go here n there to introduce some good places *argh i miss beaches!*

Well back to topic..

So I got new HW from the monday’s class. And today i showed what i did to my senior. And the next taskS are how to implement click n drag, and the 3D display hohoho, it’s interesting, but still the problem is lack of experience : ( But it’s gonna be interesting ^ ^ How to make an icon animated in the box : D isn’t is sounds interesting???

So dear giants, here i come. Since u can’t runaway, nor getting closer to me, so i’m the one that will go closer to you, and face u ^^and I’ll keep trying my best ^^
*Dear G, i have giants await ahead, may U guide me and make me to be sensitive with ur guidance~*

Another thing that make me can’t wait to finish it is cos i’ll go for sightseeing this saturday (cos last weekend i didn’t go anywhere but lab, so today gonna be great ^ ^) wish there wont be any change~~

Time for recharging ^ ^ 잘자~~


3 thoughts on “Getting closer

  1. @ pucca
    harus itu ci, buat represing hihi

    @ equinox
    hahaha…. kidding me, hey let’s have a samgyeopsal sometime (if u like it) hahaa. I’ll guide u to 맛있는 삼겹살집 around here ^ ^

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