Good day, but…

Everyday is a good day, right? But it’s just not my day~~

I think it’s cos of me too~ yesterday slept quite late around 1 : ( I thought i might sleep early cos lil bit tired after walking around here n there, but i enjoyed it a lot.

So, this morning woke up a while, cos of the alarm, but then snoozed again. In the mean time, i dreamed about the story that my friend told bout her sis experience yesterday. Weird huh, quite short talk but it came to my dream. Wish her sis could fix that thing well.
What a short dream in the morning..around 20 or 30 minutes. Then woke up again.

But still hard to wake up. While my roommate went early i continued to sleep for a while. But unfortunately, this symptom came again~ It made me feel tired in the morning : ( Plus suddenly stomach ache came out of nowhere in not a right time. So i came late to the lab today.
And that paralysis, really made me feel tired. Hard to concentrate on what i read, even it was hard to open up my eyes : ( felt like something push my chubby cheek to be more chubby so it made my eyes look smaller, and hard to open it kkkk

After that went to my friend’s home, to be amateur interpreter hahaha.

Aroud 4pm, i was so sleepy totally sleepy. What i tried to read turned into blur. So i decided to close my eyes n sleep on my chair for a while (with studying pose hihi) And when wanted to go for dinner, the headache come from out of nowhere : ( hix i don’t like it!

I thought that after the conversation class i could sleep earlier, cos i really want to have that. But what happened was suddenly there was some weird voice from my lappie. So i tried to check on that, hix… and it took time : ( but now it’s ok (i wish) cos looks like the prob was in the fan that’s why it was noisy.

It’s just not a “my” day, cos after the coding, then openGl, then now the almost-broken lappie. A ya also shocked by the news that there was 1 korean-male singer did (what else more that become so famous method nowadays but) suicide~just sad to hear that news.

Have a good day~~
Tomorrow gotta be better than today. *saatnya minum antangin ^^*


3 thoughts on “Good day, but…

  1. when the sympton comes, it means you are pushing your body to work beyond its limit again. perhaps you should try power napping, i.e. taking short nap here and there rather than keeping awake throughout with the help of coffee or ginseng. i think power nap can increase your productivity as well.

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