Don’t be jealous, cos..

Cos u make us suffer : (

This week the weather was good, even 2 days ago (Wed) it reached around 14C degree in the afternoon. Bright sky, warm (yeah 14 is warm now kkk) weather, lil bit windy, but it was perfect. And i could say spring is coming ^ ^

BUT, from out of nowhere, now (01.38AM) the temperature is :
꽃샘추의Ok, the temperature still can be (lil bit)forgiven, but the wind is totally kidding(it’s 7m/s!) ! And i just walked from lab to room, with 2 jackets. What a sudden drop.

And it’s not only that, tomorrow is gonna be colder (-5 is waiting), but the forecast said the wind will be around 3 or 4. Ok, let’s see…Since tomorrow i’m going out (can’t wait for this)

Yeah, this what happen when the coldness jealous with the flower that starts to bloom. It’s another interesting korean word that i got 2 days ago from my friend, and got more explanation again today from another friend.
So these period is called 꽃샘추위 (KkotSaemChuWi), that dictionary said “sudden frost/spring frost”. The word is contain of 꽃 (Kkot = flower) 샘 (Saem=jealousy) 추위 (ChuWi = coldness/chillines), so litterally it means the coldness jealous with the flower. Cos when spring comes, it means see-ya with the (crazy) coldness and hello to the flowers~
Wish this period will be over soon, cos i don’t like this kind of cold (cos there’s no snow hohoho, if it’s snowing, then it’s forgiven : P) and windy. So dear coldness, don’t be jealous, let the flowers come warmly~ kkkk (see, now i start to talk with the weather -crazy-)

poohbenchWell, homework still not finish yet, but tomorrow, i’ll go out lil bit far from seoul, but still in gyeonggido. But isn’t it the bench looks cute~~ *wish i could find it tomorrow xixix* (thnx to my friend for taking this pic)
Actually the place is herb farm, but somehow, seeing this pic tempted me to go more hahahaha… dear P, wish i could sit next to u ^^

Well, time for recharge now~~Giants still wait, and i need to recharge the spirit to face them all ^^ Wish the weather wont be too cold (though it’s already said it’s gonna be cold) but keep wishing and prepare for that : )

Have a nice weekend~~
Dear mr.추위, don’t be jealous too long ^^
God bless~


5 thoughts on “Don’t be jealous, cos..

  1. @ ci viol
    hihi iyah ci~ berusaha dinginnya ngangenin – apalagi kl ad salju haha

    @ c ceemot
    waah maaph sodara2 mungkin karena pooh lebih cute jadi pooh yagn ditaro hahaha

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