Meet the P…

Quick update…

Current time : 10.00PM
Temperature : 13.1C
Location : Lab

yeah the temperature was going up, couple of days ago reached around 18C, and gotta prepare for the coldness that start to jealous again. Cos next week (start from Monday), the coldness will show its jealous and will lead to 0C. Well, i like the wind nowadays : ) especially when i walked to lab in the late morning

It’s been couple of days, went back late (again) cos still playing with the’s time for 3D display now, and till now i still can’t figure it out. But it’s just a matter of time rite?
After not feeling well these days, yesterday finally i decided to go back to dorm after lunch to have a rest (nap).. well at least it worked : ) nap + panadol moved away the headache (for a while). Actually another reason also cot it’s in my period. Which means not only my body that became weak, but also this *silly* thoughts (hate it when it came).

But now, everything much better. yeah that’s the good thing from being down and silly, rite? It means, it’s a stepping stone to bump n get up again : )

Finally last Saturday, I met the P ^ ^.. what else beside the Pooh hihi. Yup i went to the Herb Island (island is just a name, it’s not an island, but it’s a herb garden).
with-pSee see…cute rite? ^ ^
Love the Pooh 😀

Overall, the trip was good, it was beautiful, also the music. While we had our lunch, suddenly i recognize the music (it’s like a music for kid, like music from the musicBox). And the melody was Pooh Theme melody hohoho..

Winnie The Pooh , Winnie The Pooh
Tubby little buddy all stuffed with fluff
Winnie The Pooh , Winnie The Pooh
Willy Nilly silly ol bear

Pic and the story will be updated in un-nearpredictable time~
One thing for sure, this place is recommended ^ ^ especially for spring!

Time to continue to play with oPoohGL…
Aza aza Pooh-aiting~~~


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