Step by step

Step by step
Gonna get to you GaL…
Step by step
Really want u in my head

What an old song…but i think most of people (at least who were born in 80’s) know this song…

Current time : 4.15AM (err….)
Temperature : 11.6C (rain) what?? with93% humidity?!?!?
Location : Room ^o^

Though still not 100% finish with the GL, at least there are some progress ^ ^ Thnx G.

Today, the day is started at 5PM (lucky my friend called me, otherwise i’ll start more late). Why not started earlier?? Hmm, cos i wanted to sleep more for a while ^^ (simple : P)

Still with the “desktop” assignment. Last week i finished the simple file management thing… and now it’s time for 3D. I learned the 3D things (alPerspective, gluLookAt or something like that), though it took more time for me, but i’m happy, cos finally i understood it a bit ^ ^ so i could impletemented it and modified it with my own ^ ^ *thnx G*

So the progress now..
– displaying cubes that could rotate freely with it’s own axis (Done)
– displaying icon inside the cube (Done)
– arranging the position, though still not fixed yet (Done) => still can be improved ^ ^
– showing files in active path in 3D display (Done) , the icon inside the cube can rotate looo *happy* hahaha
– changing the view like zoom, translate, rotate with specified axis (Done) -> this part that i like the most..finally i could understand it ^ ^
Yippi some giants beaten~

Next phase :
– how to detect the mouse position and match it with the display

Since the previous assignment(bout the file Mgmt) already 90%done, for this part, i just need to think bout the display and mouse detection. For the operation, i could take from the previous function

Thnx God..
can’t believe i could concentrate enough this time, so i could resolve some problems ^ ^
Another homework from the class still left. But let’s think bout that after church~

Time to sleep, so can wake up for tmrw’s today’s classes n service

Have a nice weekend~~~

poohthinkPlan for next weekend still 55 : 45…
should i go, should i not…should i go, should i not…

wish i could go, but…. *think think think*


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