2nd jealous

Couple of days ago, the temperature was going up, even one day it reached around 20C. Which made me think, now the spring really came (or may be summer?? cos it reached 20C). I started to enjoy the weather and especially wind in the morning when i walked to the lab.

But nobody can predict… even if the flower starts to bloom in some places, looks like the coldness really jealous with it, which means, 꽃샘추위 is coming again.

Current temperature : 1.9C (with 44% humidity)
My friend told me, don’t just check the temperature, but check the humidity also, cos if the humidity is high, it wont be as cold as you think.

And to show of its jealousy, tomorrow it will go to -3C (min) to 6C(max), and it said that the minus will be below 0C until Wed. During this time I figured out that checking the next day’s weather is important!

And beside the cold weather, there’ll be another big thing tomorrow (which really surprises me). Tomorrow there will be a match between Korea and Japan for thefinal WBC (world baseball classic). It’s very surprising to see how my lab-mates even some profesors will watch this match. Even the auditorium that usually used for ceremony or some events turned to be “cinema” to watch the game.
I predict that there’s be a big screen projector in the auditorium again (may be), and most people will watch the monitor (computer / TV / mobile phone) and if there’s something happen (the another team gets the point, or we get the point) there will be a big “Ouuch” or “Yesss”.
Well, let’s see what happen tomorrow morning ^^

Have a good day~


4 thoughts on “2nd jealous

  1. 아침에 아무것도 안해 TV 앞에만 대한민국 야구팀을 응원할게요.
    대한민국 야구 화이팅!
    꼭 일본팀을 격파하세요!

  2. Hi, bole nanya gak…gw lagi belajar bahasa korea dikit dikit nich…nyoba translate comment di atas..tapi ada kata kata yang gue gak ngerti…bole gak minta tolong translate arti dari tulisan : 랩메잇들랑 and 아쉬운 and 먹고 ?? maap ya klo ngerepotin 😀


  3. hi juga…
    hmmm sebenernya itu ada konglishnya juga si hehe *maaph*

    랩메잇들랑 -> [lab mate]-deul-rang; deul (tanda jamak), rang (with)
    jadi itu maksudnya sama lab-mates. jadi kayak 친구(temen)들랑

    아쉬운 -> [aSuiUn] ini dari kata 아쉽다 [aSuibDa] literally artinya miss / lacking. Biasanya dipake untuk ngungkapin sesuatu yang masi di-ingin-in. Misalnya kalo temen kudu balik kampung, na bs bilang 아쉽다.
    Kl di sini pake 아쉬운 karena team korea na kalah : (

    먹고 -> 먹다 + 그리고 ; panjangnya bisa jadi 점심 먹어요 그리고 ~
    semoga bisa membantu penjelasannya hehehe~

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