Do u see my heart?

[꽃남 (F4 in korean version) syndrome ^^]

Since couple of months ago i watched this drama, which became my mon-tue routinity^^ And i’m enjoying this 막장 드라마 (read : makJang Drama) though lil bit boring in the middle of it, but just watch for no reason~

For me watching drama is one of the good way to learn language *alibi ^^* AND another way to know good places^^ (Just like what i found from Beethoven Virus drama). Cos some drama, they showed some good places inside or outside korea. And what i want to share now is what i saw in this drama episode 5 or 6 (don’t actually remember it precisely)

There was some scene, where all of them went to New Caledonia, and the view was great (should i add this place to my wishlist after Maldives? ^^). Argh..miss the beach~
Ok, back to topic. So there was a scene when the actor (JunPyo) took the actress (JanDi) to helicopter and they took air trip around the island.  Then he showed one area that looks like a heart-shape from the heli, and he said “do u see my heart?” to her . At first i thought it was a computer-graphic thing, or just a pic or something like that, but… i found out that, it’s real! *it wow-s me more*

So the picture above is taken by France Photographer named Yann Arthus-Bertrand (he specialist in aerial photography). It is a mangrove swamp in Voh (NewCaledonia), and the picture is known as one of his best pic.

So, do u see my heart? *wink*
(happy cos just had SamGyeopSal with friend ^^, so what’s in my heart now is the piggy kkk)

References :
here (cos the link is too long to be written, sorry~)


6 thoughts on “Do u see my heart?

  1. @ wenny
    ooo ternyataaa nonton juga toh…minggu depan abis nee hehe

    @ c ceemot
    hoooo gosip dia hahaha… piggy dunk.. piggy is the best la haha

    @ equinox
    Yups~ new caledonia…wait for me hahaha

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