#20 Once a week…

Nowadays i found my self stuck in this book “Don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson. And I would like to try implement what I read (wish i could be consistent enough to keep doing it)..

In the chapter 20, it said about : ” Once a week, write a heartfelt letter”

Some parts from the book..

Taking a few minutes each week to write a heartfelt letter does many things for you… There are a number of people in your life, or from your past, who are quite deserving of a friendly, heartfelt letter.

Even if you don’t have to whom you feel you can write, go ahead and write the letter to someone you don’t know instead~ perhaps to an author  or inventor or thinker from the past or present. Part of the value of the letter is to gear your thinking toward gratitude. Writing letter, even if it isn’t sent, would do just that.

The purpose is simple: to express love and gratitude. This isn’t a contest, but a gift from a heart.

After read this chapter (2 weeks ago) i kept on thinking, i wish i could do what the writer said, anyway the idea is simple and looks not hard. But reality is different : P suddenly big giant came up out of nowhere. And it made me keep postponing this.
But now.. I’ll try~

What i got from here is, it’s not supposed to be wonderful touching letter, nor long letter. It’s just a letter to express love and gratitude to anyone, anybody. Writing once a week is enough, more is better (IMO).

The reason why i share this book is if i write it here, then i can remind me about my own commitment. Even though in the next i might not as spiritful as now, but if i tried to look back, i could remember about it.


Wish i could do it ^ ^ 화이팅..


2 thoughts on “#20 Once a week…

  1. heh ?? tata baca buku ?? uda chapter 20 lagi…

    huahhh.. sejak kapan tu hahaha..

    baca yang Narnia aja bab 1 ga selesai tu hahah :))

    *hairannnn….* :p

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