Dear God…

Relates with the previous post, I’d like to try it ^ ^ (at least) once letter per week.

At first I thought about it, i started to think about friends, family… about how blessed I am. Well, the letter doesn’t have to be written in priority nor ordered by period (like digging from the past, instead of directly writing bout whom i want to thank for) or even if i want to write it by priority, that’s all my choice kkk . That’s how i want to write it.. want to write it in my own style ^ ^ So the rule is there’s no rule for this 😀
I’ll write whatever i want to write to whomever i want to ^^ Cos it’s a gift from me to me and others.

Hmm first letter to God, my Dad, Guard n Friend

As i thought back bout it, it’s all coming back to Him. I want to thank for what i’ve experienced so far. I believe, it’s all because of Him. Hard times came (and will come ahead) I believe that He will always be here, with me. It’s just me, whether i’m able to listen Him, or be aware with His guidance.

I didn’t say that i always happy everytime. There were times when i was angry with U or even started questioning about U. Times when i felt that U were gone, felt like all the Messages that U gave were something unreal, something that impossible to be happened.. Times when i felt the might Dad supposed to help me, I knew U could, but why U hide away. For those times I want to say sorry and thank you~
Sorry for being such a bad kid, and thank you for letting me experienced those times.

I can’t promise U that I’ll a perfect child, friend to U. A kid that won’t hurt U anymore. I have no braveness to promise that. But what i can promise U is I’ll try my best to be a good child.

Thank you for the hard times, cos when it passed, i started to realize, through those times it’s You that work behind it all, it’s Your way to shape me. And i’d love to experience those time again. Times when i can grow.
In case those times come again, please don’t let me go too far ^^

Also thank you for the wonderful times, happy times~

Thank you for letting me know You, cos it’s not because of me that chose You, but it’s You that found me.

Dear God,

Thank you for the life
Thank you for the family n friends ~
Thank you for the nature
Thank you for all the experiences, chances.
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for everything~

Love U~~ ^o^


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