Dear Mom

March 26th 09

Dear mom,

Happy bday~~~ 생일 축하해용 ^ ^

Wish you health, happiness, strength, wisdom, joy…and more~
God bless you (^*^)

무지무지 사랑해~~ (* ^)(*^-^*) *muach*

Sorry can’t give enough for ur birthday, i wish i were there…
kinda relieve to hear that you enjoy the peacefulness today ^ ^
Cos i was worry that u might be lonely : ( dad is having retreat n u were alone in the darkness and silence…
But when u said u enjoy today’s holiday..and wish this kind of day will be for 2 or 3 days, i was relieve ^ ^ (though i think not many people will wish for that hahaha… 1 day with minimum sound, minimum light and can’t go anywhere…well that’s why it’s called Nyepi ^ ^)

Only this simple pic that i can give (so far)~


Luv ya~~
n once more Happy Bday n may God bless always~
from ur (cute) daughter


4 thoughts on “Dear Mom

  1. Ah so swit, tata.. give this post link to ur mom..
    she must be very pleased to read it..
    Happy birthday tante. Semoga sehat selalu, kebahagiaan menyertai, tata cepet nyusul kokonya juga.. halah.. hihihhi.
    GBU and fam

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