Dear Mom n Dad

Heartfelt Letter for this week

I do really want to thank them for all that they did for me, well i know just thank you is not enough, i gotta show it to them. If not because of them, i think i won’t be here like the way i am now.

I do thank them for their method in raising me up to be like me now. I realize that not many girls can go out from their home for study, especially as the only one girl (plus the youngest) in the family. But the way they thought quite different, and i thank because of that. A simple thing from letting me go to the capital city for my univ, and now here i am in the other country (which is one of my dream). Even if i get used to live far from them, we keep in contact. Thnx mom n dad for being able to use internet hahaha. Cos not many parents want to learn to use it. And I’m proud of them for being (lil-bit) hi-tech ^^

There were times when I got jealous with others, cos other kids could have their time hanging around after school,but i was stuck in our small restaurant. But now, i do thank of all those times. Even though i could not cook (or dun want to know bout it ^^), but at least I know how to deal with the utensil ^^.And though i didn’t like the fish-n-shrimp peeling thing *yaiks*. But at least i know how to deal with that ^^. And i realized it feels like they taught “business lesson” to me, about how to open, manage and operate a restaurant.
For those times, thank you.

Having a patient and social dad, mixed with adventurer n (quite) strict  mom is a bless for me. I think i could count with my fingers how may times dad was angry to me..
I don’t even can’t remember when he was angry (except when he locked me n bro in the bathroom, i can’t remember other than this ^^ that’s all that i can remember). And I’m proud of you dad, when other see you, no one can believe that you only have <20% of your heart function. You are so strong, and your desire to serve others, it really open up my eyes.  But please think about yourself too ^^
Love u dad~
And mom, thank you for the times you taught me to be me. Since i was kid, mom introduced us to nature, going here and there, beach, waterfall, mountain, forest and more. It shaped me to be someone who love nature. Wait, not only that… Another thing that i proud from you is your adventurer spirit. Thank you for introducing me how wow-ing is bungee, rafting, sling shot and all “crazy” things hahaha. And i do enjoy it.
Love u mom~

Being loved with both of you is a blessing for me, thank you for always being there for me. And thank you for your prayers that always protect me n give me strength. Anytime i feel study is so hard, by calling home and hearing your voices, it’s enough to charge me. Moreover when you said, we always pray for you, it really calm my soul.
For everything that you gave, thank you~

Thank you mom n dad ❤
Miss you and I love u~
*muach*  (* ^)(*^ ^*)(^ *)  *cipika cipiki *


11 thoughts on “Dear Mom n Dad

  1. dalam waktu 2 jam, g bisa langsung ketemu bonyok, tapi pengen na setiap hari liat mereka, hiks.. jadi kangen pengen pulang. cuma baru ada jadwal pulang pas pemilu ^^

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