The Monuments

Well, it’s still part of the journey to go to museum ^ ^
I do enjoy my visit to this museum, because I could lot of information and completed with the experiences.

Ok started~

The Korean War Monument


Korean War Monument


Closer look

Once we entered the entrance, this monument will be seen easily, though i don’t really know the detail meaning of this monument, but this monument is built to honor all the heroes during the war.

Around the monument

Around the monument

And when I looked closer to the monument, i saw that they engraved it. But i still don’t know what’s the meaning of that.

Around the monument there were statues that showed the patriotic spirit.

The statue of two brothers





When i saw this monument, what splashed on my mind was it described of 2 close friends that going to be separated because of war, or 2 close friends that just met after the war, and they were trying to help each other.

But the detail of this monument is [taken from the informaion below it]

The Statue of Brothers is an 18m wide and 11m high symbol of the Korean War. It consists of the upper part, lower part and inner part

The upper part depicts a scene where a family’s older brother, a RepublicOfKorea officer, and his younger brother, a North Korean soldier, meet in a battlefield and express reconciliation, love and forgiveness.


Lower Part

The lower tomb-shaped dome was built with pieces of granite collected from nationwide locations symbolizing the sacrifices made by our patriots. The crack in the dome stands for the division of Korea and the hope for unification.

Object inside the dome include a mosaic wall painting that expresses the spirit of the Korean people to overcome the national tragedy and a map plate of 16 UN Allied Nations that dispatched troops to the war. The link of iron chain on the ceiling signify the unbreakable bonds of an unified Korea

I was impressed with the meaning behind the construction of the monuments. Not just a monument but it described the reconciliation, love and forgiveness, the hope to have an unified Korea.

Peace Clock Tower

As it’s written on the name, it relates with the peace (between North and South).


The Tower


Closer Look

It shows 2 clock on the top of it. The left one was current time and the right one was shoed 00.00 50.06.25, which means 1950-06-25 because it’s written 년 (year) 월(month) 일(day) there.

Additional information :


In front of Clock Tower

Erecting the Clock Tower

Symbolizing War and Peace
a Twin Clock Tower
Points to a new time of New Millennium
on a pile of rusty arms
Stopped clock wrecked by the Korean War
Here a Clock Tower is erected
for the day of reunification
again beating like the hearts of two girls

[Bronze 2.3 x 1.2 x 9.5]

January 1,2002


Clock of Hope

And there was another separated clock nearby. This clock is “The Clock of Hope for Peaceful Unification”. It said that someday when unification is realized, this Clock will be put on the Clock Tower, and will indicate the Time of Unification.

I do like the spirit that they put in making these monuments, because it’s not only just for commemorating the war and the patriots, but also they wish for peace.

And finally this was our last stop this day. We spent almost 6 hours to look around this huge museum, and since it was almost dinner time, we cancelled the plan to go to the prison.

Good place, good weather and good company.

Have a good day~

PS :
Today is the day of North Korea’s rocket to be launched, and the military in here put full allert on it [source].

As for me, I read some news about it, and asked some friends (korean n non-korean), and most of them said not be worry about that ^ ^.


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