1 giant was tumbling down

* happy *

Finally on Friday 1 giant was defeated ^^. Finally i found some source that helped me to solve my problem with GL. And the silly thing is, it was so simple, just to change the position a bit.. and to pickup the object on the screen, no need to thing about the projection this and that, i should say thanks to gluPickMatrix ^^. It solved it! no matter how i zoomed in/out or translated or skewed my screen, it could detect the object that i click.. What a beautiful world ๐Ÿ˜€

Also dragging problem was solved ^^
The giant was really tumbling down *yihaaa*
I do happy cos of it

BUT, wait…it’s not the end, cos others giants still wait ahead.
One was down means i could move forward till i reach the next level gate, which means all the giants in this level will be defeated *can’t wait for that day*
Now the giants is still lining up in front of that gate, waiting for me patiently.
For me, i’m gonna do it step-by-step.

This month’s giants are quite big, cos i started to take the course again, so i’ll go out after lab (almost) every day. So, i gotta wake up earlier!


I'm coming

I'm coming

N another giant from last month (in the same post) also already defeated ^^ Finally i went there and i did really enjoy this trip.

Beside the nice place that i saw, there was also interesting culture-shock experience kkkk…ย  Can’t wait to post bout that~

Time for rest~ Wish i could wake up early and focus to beat 1 giant that wait to be beaten tomorrow^^

ํ™”์ดํŒ… for tomorrow~
n wish the temperature can be lil bit normalย 
(confuse to choose a cloth for this 10degrees-temperature-difference in a day loo~
7C-19C for tmrw)

*it’s a bless to be able to see this view*

Romance Bridge

Romance Bridge

Thanks God for all blessings~


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