Just want to say thank God, cos out of nowhere i just feel happy today : )

1 giant is passed, i sent the homework (though dunno will it meet the lecturer’s standard or not, just wish) n then I met my friend coincidently. Actually i was thinking bout them on my way to the class, wondering bout them, since it’s been a while since we ate the Nepal food ^^ And suddenly i met one of them during the class. So happy to meet her : ) n glad to know she’s fine too~

n then at nite, I tried to play guitar hihii, cos since 2 days ago, suddenly just want to learn it again. N finally i borrowed my friend’s guitar, n tried to play it a bit for just 30 minutes ^^ Even though I can’t play well, but at least happy to know that i still remember some basic chords kkk.
A and another good thing is, finally i found “susu kental manis” (sweetened condensed milk, baru tau kemaren ini englishna skm hihihi) in the nearby mart : D. And i have oatmeal with me now, means, i can prepare for the dinner (oatmeal + milk *nyummy*) before the class now : ) *save the money, and have healthy dinner ^^*

And as it was predicted, the weather today was strange. It was hot at noon, about 18, at lil bit windy n below 10 at nite.. And tomorrow, it’s predicted to be 9 – 22C (yah jaraknya makin jauh aj de). But the good thing is the cherry blossom is in the air now : ) and it’s beautiful~

time to sleep~~
Thnx G for the day  : )



6 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. wow, besides keyboard, you can also play guitar.
    really talented 🙂
    the weather is so good and cheerful these days.
    do continue to remain happy 🙂

  2. pantes kuku na pendek2 ternyata suka main gitar yah! pernah belajar, cuma kek na enggak minat sama alat musik yang di petik! tapi pengen banget belajar main harpa hooo~

    • yeee harpa kan petik2 juga looooo hehehhe
      ho oh pendek2 kan imut pit hehe : P daripada panjang2 kan seremmmm kkk
      eh seruan alat musik gebuk pit hahha, kalo sutrisno, tinggal duk tak duk tak bam bum bam bum hahaha

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