Lil bit more~

haiiiii anybody miss me?? hahaha…  *belagak gr*

It’s been more than a week i didn’t update~ i miss to write here again : (. Well this month, my life has back to normal, which means (almost) every day i’ll have nite class then arrived at home around 9.30pm..  Yeah that’s normal life~

also sightseeing on weekend : ) (it’s a must ^^)


there were some unpredictable small giants attacked from out of nowhere, and they really beat me off *huhuhuhu -sad*. So, last week on wed, i skipped my korean class, cos i didn’t feel fine, felt cold, but the weather outside wasn’t cold…So i went back to dorm, took a rest.
(well, nowadays the weather is getting weird, after went up till around 22C it went down to around 9C and now it back to 15C PLUS rain : ( )
And unfortunately, i started to feel pain when i swallow * hix.. i hate when it came *, so i thought i got this tonsillitis again. Cos of my stupidity on Tues : (, i was going to order the warm drink, but i forgot to say it, so i got the cold one. Hix~

On the next day (Thurs) i felt worse, so i told my friend, that i couldn’t come for the language exchange class. (another hix), then i had my fav albab near campus for my dinner (cos somehow i didn’t want to have the dinner in the canteen). I felt so cold, hungry and headache : ( mixed in one time while i was waiting for the albab. But thnx to the albab chef : ) it was nyummy, and i finished it well : ) *energy++ ^^*

But the way to go back to dorm felt so far : ( i was totally cold, and hurt everytime i swallowed. I didn’t talk a lot, just want to be in my room, hiding under the blanket. And that’s what i did, right after i arrived in my room, with some left power (from albab : D), changed the clothes, took my winter jacket, hide under the blanket and tried my best to sleep.
I tried to measure my body temperature, i thought it might be around 37, cos i felt so cold. And the result was…. Tadaaaa 38.7.. What the…… (lucky my roommate was having lecture out of Seoul, so she wont get contaminated kkk). In this condition, i knew one of the good way to be better is drink more water. So i put my drink next to my bed, but (hix) it was not as easy as i thought, cos the throat was so painful : ( I need to swallow slowly and hold the pain (huhuhuhu – another hix).
So those lil giants were really unpredictable, they attacked me in the same time and i really didn’t prepare for that : (. The pain when i swallowed was the worst after the fever : (

The next day (Fri), i slept more. Well, i tried to go to campus clinic, but there was no people, only an announcement that i couldn’t understand : ( *naseeeb*. So i went to lab to send assignment, and then went back to dorm to Sleep! The fever was getting better, it was around 37.8 that day, but the swallowing problem was getting worse : ( Wish i could just have a painkiller for that : (

The next day (Sat), the pain was still there and getting more n more *hix*, but the fever getting better, 37.5C is fine, right? : D much better~ But i really couldn’t stand with the pain, cos i couldn’t choose for not swallowing : (. And i gave up : (, finally i went to hospital with my friend. Yeah i need some back up to deal with this giant..

Unfortunately, it was saturday evening, when most of the hospitals were closed. So, we went to Emergency Unit : (. I guess it’s my first time to go to emergency to get a treatment : (. Well, don’t be surprised, cos that’s what happen here,  “going to doctor” changed to “going to hospital”, and since it was weekend, so it will mean “going to emergency”. And to go to emergency on weekend means have to be patient! cos so many people, with not-so-many doctors n nurses.

After this n that… (including x-ray, blood n urine check) I went to the specialist part. I read “neck surgery” or something like that… *OMG* and i was the only patient in that room : – s. So the doctor said, my blood n urine was good *fyuh* nothing wrong with that *another fyuh*. Then i asked him, then where’s the pain when i swallow coming from? and the fever?
To answer that, means… detail checking is needed, so we went to another part of the room, then the doctor a pic in my throat *arrgh i didn’t like this part, cos i almost vomit : ( well, imagine… a stick get into your larynx*. And finally i saw the source of the problem, there was like a wound in my larynx! errr… it’s like a wound when u bite ur lips / tongue accidentally, then on the next day, there’s gonna be a white wound there (alias sariawan).

No wonder it was pain everytime i swallow, and glad to know it was not tonsillitis : ) *thnx G*. So the doctor tried to put something like iodine into that wound, but (again) i was to sensitive kkk, before the doctor reached that part, i coughed. He wanted to try it, but i said, it’s ok, let’s the pill took its part xixixixi, and i asked for the painkiller.. * Finally~~~*

So the next day (sunday), i didn’t go out.. and finally no more fever : ) *thnx G*, and when i swallow it was not as hurt as before (huraay…painkiller shows it’s strength^^).

And now, here i am, with stopped nose, some pills on my table, a ya and also 1 litre of gargling liquid (yaiks, it tastes like iodine), and box of tissues that always be by my side, also water : ). So glad, i can swallow (lil-bit) normally now : ).

Lil bit more to be completely recovery^ ^
After finish with these giants, can’t wait to walk forward to face the giants again : )

PS :
Albab is one of the nyummy korean food that served in hot bowl with kim (seaweed), egg fish and others. Pic can be seen here.


16 thoughts on “Lil bit more~

  1. i think you really need to drink a lot of water and also consume vitamin’ll help you a lot,my dear..get well soon..take a rest and may God bless you and your family always ^^

  2. oh btw, why i can’t see your facebook profile no more ?? i also can’t see your picture and also can’t search it in google too…is there something to do with your profile on me? cos when i used my friend’s account, they can see your profile..but why i can’t?? huhuhuhu..

  3. 진짜 오랜만이지.
    얼마나 보고 싶은지 모르겠어 ^^
    빨리 병이 나으면 좋겠어.
    푹 쉬세요~

  4. sakit tenggorokan lagi ya ta? gua juga kemaren makan kerupuk kebanyakan juga jadi batuk, tapi gua cepet makan obat isep2 buat tenggorokan, trus minum teh pait cina yang buat panas dalam, sekarang enakan 😀
    nanti kalo pulang bawa aja itu kesana ta 🙂

    • ho oh..untung da berangsur2 better nee…
      la ci…daku juga mau dunk kerupuuukk…gelo..tiba2 kebayang kerupuk abang2 yang putih gede itu looo… yang biasa ada di indomie..hix.. cari di mana dunk yak..
      tull…ntar kalo pulang (kapan yaaa) bawa lo han kuo ah~

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