Dear Lit

Well, never guess that i might be close with this kuntien gal (heheh peace lit :P). What i remember is i was trapped with her in the same class for *counting 1..2..3..more* semester. First semester in my university, i was in the same class with her, but didn’t really know her.

What i remember bout her is she is smart! N until we took the Cis*o class and became a teaching assistant, which made us perfectly unseparated hahaha… the leader had no choice but to put these 2 girls together, otherwise there will be more MGB time huh : P. It was a blessed to be your classmate, cos i could sleep peacefuly kkkk, and when the exam came, it’s time to copy ur note : P
For those times, thnx : ) *i don’t remember whether i ever said thnx for those times or not xixi..*

And the biggest thanks is when u called me that day, and it was almost 3 years ago. Well, i’m not sure whether u remember or not since it’s been a long time. That time, i did really need help, but i was so clueless to whom should i asked. And I almost did a stupid thing, but then u called me. Simple call, simple question but it means a lot for me.
tata-top10That day, I think no one knew my problem other than you. The simple words “Are you okay?” saved me and somehow gave me strength. Enough strength to know that i wasn’t alone in this world. For that call, thank you.

Well, time goes by~ we didn’t chat as often as before, but for me, you’re always be my best friend , and it’s a bless to have a friend like you : ).

Thank you~
Wish you luck with your plans ^^ *menambah populasi jaket biru di negara singa*
Miss ya…Friends foreva~


4 thoughts on “Dear Lit

  1. eh iya.. mana ne mahluk bernama elita.. ko ga nongol2 lagi ya..

    ternyata mo ikut berpetualang ke negeri singaa..

    da bosen ya di indo :))

    *nebeng omongan ke elita ya ta :))*

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