@_@ *tuing tuing -rolling eyes- tuing tuing*

Fri, 1 May09
Current time : 12.12AM
Current location : (unfortunately) lab (trying to collect some energy to go back kkk, so sleepy ㅜㅜ)
Current temp : 14.3C (but it feels cold)

Finally it’s may already….bye bye april 2009. Time flies~~

It supposed to be spring in here, and what i felt is really between winter n summer. Winter at nite n morning (especially dawn) and summer at noon. Yesterday’s temperature difference was 14 hohoho (8 – 22), well..that’s what the forecast said.

And for tomorrow, it wont be too much different

The temperature is still up n down. And cold became a common thing nowadays. Well, sometime i still have running nose, but not as often as before ^^

And finally today the ICE melt~

ICE (international cultural exchange) is an annual culture festival that held in our institute. So every country will have something to be shown. Which means, it needs preparation! In my case, i helped in take care the booth with some friends,  some other friends preparing the meals.
And this preparation succeed to make me “tepar” (absolutely tired). After prepared the booth yesterday, went back to kitchen, cos some friends still there, then went to room and directly slept.
Woke up around 4AM cos i felt so cold : ( (yeah i haven’t changed the clothes so i slept over the blanket). Woke up to change, closed the door to balcony, and hide under the blanket and slept~
But thnx God, it ran well.
(other sources bout ICE  here and here)
Also thnx for our embassy for the support ^^

After the event, went out for dinner, and went back to lab to find some papers to be read *poor me huh*. And here i am..

It supposed to be an holiday today (labour day). BUT i think i’m going to go back to lab in the afternoon, cos still something have to be done.

And…after a deep thought, i decided to skip the korean class (again) next month *hix hix hix hix*. I did really wish i could take it, but… it seems possible. Cos the thing that i planned to be finished in a month, was fasten to be in a week. *hix* And there’ll be some other things after that thing…
Which means, (like my senior said) i might be busy (cieee…busy hahaha) this month. Waaa the giants are lining up! *mayday~~~*
But somehow, this kinda thing good for my future too, may be i need to be squeezed so i can give my best to be better ^^. Though i should skip this month’s class, but i’ll try my best to take it again next month!

Well, i try to think like this…
This month the giants are suddenly lining come closer to me. It’s just a matter of time that i should face them. Now or later, it’s gonna be the same. So faster is better.
While facing them, i still have my own bag. And looks like for this month i should lighten up my bag. I took out one load from my bag, wing it up ahead (instead of leaving it behind). So next month i could take back this load and put it to my bag. Cos may be (i hope) the giants for next month could be face by carrying normal bag.
So, dear giants…. I’ve winged up one of my favorite thing to face u. Be prepare ^^
And dear my course, wait for me, i’ll come to pick u up again next month.

And suddenly this quote splash on my mind :

Break though your fear, overcome your obstacles, and start pursuing your passion today.(Oprah)

Dear May, i’ll face u with more spirit ^^
squeeze squeeze n squeeze…time to squeeze…
*hoho suddenly i imagine a fresh orange… squeeze an orange n drink it nyummy~*

아자아자 화이팅~~~~~
*time to go back*


11 thoughts on “MayDay~~

  1. i like the pun – mayday and may day 😀
    unfortunately may day is not a holiday here so i am going to school later.

    a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice, full of vit c, is a great way to start a day. mmm~~ 🙂

    포기 말고 끝까지 화이팅해~

    • hoho u have to be a worker then : ) (to change it into holiday^^)
      mmmm… i think i’ll buy orange today haha

      끝까지 최선을 다할게~

    • haik…punch punch n punch..
      nope..but my friend did (the pink dancer).. i just asked to join the entertainer to “ting ting” the triangle (music instrument) kkk
      n i got a beautiful flower bunch hihihi

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