Part of spring?

Current time : Wed, May 6th. 01:09AM 
Location : Room ^^
Temperature : 18.2C

Well, i just back from “playing” with the giant (cos i still can beat it down, so let’s play with it for a while kk).  And today yesterday (may 5) is was holiday in here ^^, cos of the Children’s day. So i woke up (quite) late, enjoyed my sleeping time, before facing the giant (especially) for today. Cos thursday is the first deadline.

So, yesterday i went out to 부동산 (read : buDongSan) with my friends, cos they are looking for a place. Hmmm simply, i think i can say BuDongSan is like a real estate or property agent (CMIIW). Cos usually when people are looking for home / room / apartment (and something like that) they will go to BuDongSan. So, after we arrived in the office, the BuDongSan owner accompanied us to see some places. 
It’s good thing for me to accompany my friends, cos i can get some experiences to deal with it, and some new vocabs ^^

And when we went here n there, i realized that it was hot! hohoho, i felt like in Indo ^^ so i was wondering, is this “hot day” part of the spring season? Or it’s just me that already loose my standard of hot day? hmmm… I should emphasize “day” in here cos it’s only hot in a day, at nite it’s fine (err lil bit cold for me, cos i just took a bike *whooosshhh* love the wind ^^) and in the morning, usually i still wear jacket. 

So, let’s see the forecast for tomorrow today…
weather1 Tadaaa…
The temperature difference is getting bigger.. it’s gonna be 15C for today. Hohoho and it will go to 28C.. Great.. 
It’s gonna be feel like home : P

Hmmm wondering whether every spring will be like this?
As far as i remember, last year spring was not quite hot. Again, i should ask my self, is my standard of hot already changed??? hmmm….  

Dear  others in other countries, do u also have a spring like this? *wondering*

Time to sleep now~

*so many things that i want to write : ( but gotta wait for that.. 타타 파이팅!!!! *


6 thoughts on “Part of spring?

  1. err disini lebih dingin dikit kali yah…
    kalo siang sekitar 12-18 derajat…kalo malam sekitar 8-12 derajat…
    apalagi kalo ujan…. >.<
    disini suka tak terduga…siang cerah…trus ujan trus cerah lagi wakakakka…
    tapi kadang g jg suka ngerasa panas…emang standard kita udah mulai bergeser ta kayaknya…apalagi loe yang udah lebih dari setaon disitu hehehe….

  2. klo dulu menurut home parent g.. karena di 4 seasons countries itu humidity nya kecil, jadi suhu 10-20 itu uda berasa panas..

    ga kaya di Indo.. suhu 22-27 aja masi adem2 aja..

    katanya si gitu ya.. :p

    • Oooo… jadi gara2 humidity tohhh… yang inget pas winter kemaren humiditinya rendah banget, jadi dingiiiiinnn dan keriiiinnng..
      arrgghh kulitkuuuu kering sekalee

    • iyah..kemaren sempet 28 gituh… manthapp dee…serasa indo 😀 sayangnya kurang pantai 🙂
      untungnya sekarang turun lagi… hepiii..enakan adem2 ^^

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