10PM – slept

11.50PM *bip bip bip* – snoozed..

12.00AM –
rm : “Taaa…wake up…it’s 12!”
me : “응…lil bit more….”

(set some alarms)

01.30AM – passed….
another wake up to turn off the alarm ^^

2AM – woke up to set new alarm

02.20AM – woke up with messy head…
ok ok, it’s 2 now, so what if the 2,2 is the center of the coordinate, zoom, translate to left…hmmm then how to get the mouse position. *OMG* what i’m thinking >.<
it means i still need more sleep : D
Tried to continue sleep, but still couldn’t sleep well, but also sooo hard to wake up..

Finally, 3 AM
directly went to bathroom… took a bath n prepared..had cereal and milk *nyummy*
I was thinking, may be i should put the alarm in the bathroom, so there won’t be no other choice but to go there to turn it off, then i can put water on my face to really wake me up : D

Finally the “summer heat” will be gone this week (at least that’s the forecast said), but it’s gonna be rainy *hmmm i dun like rainy days >.< but if i imagine rainy days, have Indomie and hot coffee, that might be good^^* .

And here i am, get ready to play with the code again….*paitingggg* and i prefer this situation, when there’s no body here ^^ *yeah who wants to come to lab at 5 kkkk*
(outside is 18.5C raining~~)

Have a good Monday ^^ 힘내~~


4 thoughts on “Snooze…

  1. indomie is yummy~
    keep going. think of all the good sleep and sweet dream after everything is over. that should motivate you a lot ^^

    • yups..compared with 라면, it’s nyummy-er but the portion is less : ( ㅋㅋ
      thank u~~ sleep…dream…and Food hahaha… cos yest finally i had 딸갈비 and it cheer me up hohoo…

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