9 Phases

Korean name : 닭갈비; 닭 (Tak) = chicken 갈비(KalBi) = ribs
English name : Chicken Ribs

9 phases when eating 닭갈비 ^ ^

1. Empty pan *waiting*
2. Meat and vegetables come in plus the (quite) spicy sauce
3. Mix n mix.. (the waiter will do that for u)
4. Ready to eat *nyummy~~*
5. Eat and eat~ But, it’s not finish yet…
6. Rice comes in~~ *mix with the left meat and sauce*
7. Put some cheese will make it better
8. *waiting*
9. Cheese melts.. 2nd round is started ^^

Some note :
– usually we can’t order for 1 person.. (2 is minimum order)
– The portion quite big (compare with indonesian standard)

Suggestion :
To enjoy the rice (plus cheese^^), don’t eat too much in the first round ^^
*some friends can’t continue the 2nd round cos they’re too full~*
For 3 people, order the meat for 2 is (more than) enough ^^ But again, it depends on ur standard ^^

Have a nice weekend~


5 thoughts on “9 Phases

    • wah bukan kayaknya lagi ci…te o pe deee….
      walopun rada2 pedes, tapi secara ini enak…jadi tetep diembat kkk sambil idung melel hahaha

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