Level up

Gee..it’s been a while away from this blog, miss to write again~

Well, it’s kinda tough weeks, but thnx God i can enjoy it well. So, back to life in Seoul, i feel like i have some level up in some parts of me during this month

1. Sleeping skill level up


Picture beside drawn by my friend that represent all the girls that stay in Mandala boarding house. And i’m quite known with my easy-to-sleep skill, can sleep in any room anytime xixi *miss that time*. So it’s not hard to find me in that pic.

Well, while i was blogging around i found one blog that said how koreans are you (too bad i miss that link). And one of it is you get into the subway, try to find a seat, put the earphone, and Sleep~ And somehow directly awake right in your destination.

Well for me, that happened quite often kkk sleep while taking subway. But sometime (like yesterday) i passed the station, so gotta take a way back around 2 stations. And still able to sleep during that time kkk.

And one thing that quite surprised me couple of weeks ago,on my way back after the language exchange class, and it was quite tiring and sleepy for sure. So as usual took the subway, then tried to find a seat, but it was not a lucky day cos there was no seat left : ( . So just grabbed the hand holders and laid my head on my hand.

*tuk tuk tuk*
someone touched me by her hand. Ow one ajumma (aunty) called me and pointed the empty seats in front of me. And just realized i was overslept for about 15 minutes with standing (omg) without even knowing there were some empty seats in front of me (ouch what a shame *.* )
So i just took that seat and slept again and woke up right in my station. Hohoho, so now i can sleep with standing huh… (what a me~) kkkk

2. Drinking skill level up

Hohoho… yeah it was couple of days a go when i had dinner with the prof and lab mates to celebrate the teacher days. Well, i don’t like soju nor beer (sorry to say for soju lovers, that tastes bad for me -_- ), but somehow in here drinking is part of the culture and sometime it’s quite enjoyable to be in the middle of culture.

So that time we had 삼겹살(SamGyeopSal, my favourite ^__^ ) and soju, for sure. Well usually i don’t drink more than 2 or 3 shot glass. But that day i had 4 hoho, and my face was red for sure, but lucky i didn’t get drunk ^^. Well i just got a tips from my friend how to drink it without tasting it , so i tried to apply that, and it worked ^_^.(and i had hot choco before the dinner : P)

And 1 round is never enough to be called normal dinner in here.Dunno whether i ever wrote it or not, but (again i talk about culture different huh : P) the culture in here, normal dinner means :
– 1st round : dinner with meals plus soju
– 2nd round : move to drinking place (usually beer or some liquor)

(i think it’s the end of normal dinner, let’s continue with extra ordinary dinner now)
– 3rd round : could be 노래방 (NoRaeBang or karaoke), some people might have beer. But i never have this experience with a big group. Or move to another drinking place could be done in this round
-4th round : after 노래방, it’s possible to continue it to drinking place.

(i think this part start to go to extra extra ordinary, i just ever heard bout it, but never experienced it, and it might be more guys-thing)
– 5th round : going to 찜질방 (JjimJilBang) for take some rest and shower.
– 6th round : having meals to freshened up, something like 냉면 (NaengMyeon = cold noodle)
Well the 5th and 6th could be switched

Once more, the 1st – 3rd is based from my experience, but the rest is from what i heard. And as u can guess it means spending whole nite and back to home (or could be work) on the next morning.

So back to the story again ^__^

That day i had 4 (i wish it was not more than that) and the 2nd round we went to the drinking place, i had 4 glasses of beer kkkk (what a me~)and i ate lots of side dishes (especially fruits ^_^)

AND i joined the 3rd round (wow). At first i thought it’s karaoke, but we went to another drinking place, and we ordered 2 bottle of *i-dont-know-the-name* liquor. Something that i know for sure it was 40% alcohol. And thnk G cos the prof could understand me, and he poured half of shot glass for me ^_^ And my friend thought me how to drink it. Mixed it with ice! so it wont taste bad, and wont be too strong. And also they gave us a milk. So i drank milk before, and then that drink with ice n then milk again ^__^

So I had that lil drink and a bottle of cappucino mudshake kkkk.

Mudshake image taken from http://www.independentliquor.co.nz

Mudshake?? Yup that’s a new thing for me ^_^ well it’s only 4% of alcohol. And after googling out, i just knew that it’s vodka hahaha. So I think it’s kinda vodka and milkshake mixed together.

Hey the cappucino and the choco taste were good ^_^ at least it’s better than beer (in my opinion), but it’s bit expensive (around 8000원)

So lucky i didn’t get drunk ^_^ Fyuhh. While some members continue for the 4th round, me and my friends went back.

Fyuh..good experience, but i don’t wanna have it quite often kkk..

3. Language skill level up

Hmm for this part, i want to appreciate my self a bit ^__^ And i’m quite happy with it.Cos i feel that i can understand more than before. Yeah taking course and some classes are realy really really helpful.
Back to dinner story, well that time i could enjoy more. Cos previously i was worry everytime i heard a plan bout dinner. cos it means surrounded with koreans and became a burden for them had to speak english (especially for those who don’t feel comfortable with speaking english).
But that day, i started to understand what they are talking about, even though i couldn’t respond, but at least i could catch up a bit better ^_^ and spoke lil korean *fyuh..what a relieve*

And i enjoy more drama hohoho and sometime helping friends with the language is another happy thing ^_^.

But still, i should learn hard for this, cos i’m still far from good. So i just want to thnx G for leading me this far, and lil bit appreciate my effort ^_^. Next month i’m planning to take a course again, after 1 month skipped it. Not an easy think to catch with the class again, but it doesn’t mean to give up or stop learning…

So in my opinion learning korean language is not easy, and it’s not a must-thing-to-do in here. I can choice either I want to learn it or not.
BUT because i’m enjoying learning this language, i feel it becomes an interesting thing. And when I can understand what others said to me, or even to understand a song or drama, it becomes more interesting and happy thing. Also, it possible to get more information about things ^_^ (especially discounted things hihhi). Moreover if i can help my friends to deal with it.

열심히 할게~~ 파이팅~~~

Fyuh what a long post hoho…
Time for dinner~


4 thoughts on “Level up

  1. congratsss for tata for passing to the next level for those 3 points.
    Abt sleeping in the train, I think we’re somehow influenced by the surroundings.. Other example, I tend to run/walk fast inside the train or maybe just high speed and jump inside the train eventhough i’m not that rush..
    Abt drink, no comment.. LOL
    Abt language, that’s the learning process.. we’re like baby fed up with listening, listening.. and listening.. after that we speak word by word following by sentences until we can become fluent. so take ur time hunnn.. xixixixi

    • hoho arigatou ^:)^
      hmmm yeah..environment might change us.. waks…becareful with the jump2 in the train looo… : P
      hihi hmmm might be u face quite similar condition in drinking *wink*
      yeahhh…that’s the analogy…baby…i did really feel like a baby learning A B C, ok…i’ll enjoy each n every time ^__^

  2. the cartoon is absolutely hilarious 😀
    even without you talking about her habit, i can still identify you.
    your friend is very good at illustrating your distinctive features.

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