Within 5 minutes

Another interesting thing that i just saw here (well, it might be happen in Indo too, I don’t know. but for me, i just saw it here)

Couple of days a go, after had nyummy carbonara with friends in 신천 (SinCheon), we stopped by in cosmetic shop.. (hoho not so me thing huh : P). So when my friend n i were in parfume corner, usually people will try to spray it in the paper, or their hands right? And suddenly one girl came, pick one tester, sprayed it on both of her hands, and wiped it to her skirt and then went away.

Hohoho, i was like *wow*, so while my friend move to another cosmetic corner, i started to pay attention to this girl..quite curious…

So after sprayed the parfume, i saw that she went to foundation part, took the tester and applied some to her face. Hmmm it made me more curious…
Next after that she went to powder, continued with blush on. Then lipstick continued with eyes part. Hmm i think that’s kind of mascara or eyeliner, not really sure, cos i didn’t see it closely. She looked very skillful ^^

And that’s not the end. Then her friend came, looked like talking bout something (that i don’t know n don’t want to know), then she applied something to her hair, hmm may be like spray or dunno la… And the went out. And it’s all within around 5 minutes. *wow*

Well, quite surprised with that thing ^^, may be she knew this place really well : P and when I discussed it with my friend, she said hmmm usually we might do that, but the condition is quite different and not that much.
So for example you are in the middle of somewhere and suddenly your friend asked to hang out but you didn’t bring any cosmetic, so cosmetic shop might be a stop-by place before hang out together. But actually that’s just powder or blush on or lipstick, not as “complete” as her.

Hmm in my case, hmmm i never think like that. But i think it’s because of my style ^_^ hmm just wondering how bout other women out there?? *wondering*


4 thoughts on “Within 5 minutes

  1. wakakakaka…ternyata…ntah di indo begitu ga…disini sih kaga kayaknya…ato g aja yang ga pernah sadar :p

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