Sky X - 01 From a farHmm any idea with this pic?? Looks cool huh~
Since the first time i saw it, i couldn’t move my eyes from it. It reminded me with my mom when we did slingshot together (around) 10 years ago ^_^

It’s called sky-x.

Copy of IMG_0096 Copy of IMG_0097 Copy of IMG_0098
lifted into somewhere the 50m height fly~

From the picture above, it’s seen that in the first and second,it looks quite nervous, cos the hands are trying to hold on something. But the third picture it looks more free..Cos the hands are open, looks like flying~

So after some thoughts, should i take it, or shouldn’t. Cos it takes 15,000won. And none of my friend wanna try it. Yeah i know it’s just me that quite “crazy” with this thing ^_^
and after some thoughts, finally decided…

Get Ready Sky X
Got “dressed” Ready to fly

Fyuh…yeah..finally i decided to try itΒ  ^__^
Well it was quite nervous, cos I took it alone. While the people before me, they took it in two, and when i took it long time ago, we were in three. And now I”m alone.
Which means, i’m the one who will kill my own self pull the trigger to fly. ~_~ *
Cos if someone that pull the trigger, i won’t know when will i fly, but if i’m the one, i should prepare more. I was thinking to ask the staff there to accompany me to fly, but i didn’t do that kkk cos even to think about how to ask n explain them, made me more confuse hihihi.

So finally there i was, flying~~~~
The 3 pics in there were taken by my friend *thnx pal ^^*
At first when i was lifted up to the when-will-it-stop tower, i was quite enjoying the view from the top. But when i tried to look down, to see what’s down there verticaly… hohoho *better to see around*

But I still try to find out my friend who’s going to take a pic of me while being lifted up ^_^ Yeah quite nervous when going up, tried to find something to hold, cos i keep thinking will i able to pull the trigger.

And when someone says in the speaker which i translated as “pull the trigger”, took a deep breath… and PULLED~

But..oopss…not fly yet, still up there…50m up there..
Hohoho i didn’t pull it strong enough… Then tried to enjoy the “view” once more, took a deep breath, and PULLED


Super(wo)maaaannnn….Yihaaaa….. Flying~~~~~~~ *with the rope on me of course*
Fly fly fly, and i enjoyed it, pose like a bird with the wings~~~~

Swiiiingggg…. swinnggg…swiiiiinggg~~~
enjoy the wind, enjoy the view, enjoy the excitement…
until it stop ^__^

And i was sooo happy, finally i took it again ^___^
First attraction that i took, right after i arrived in Seoul Land hihiihi…

I’d love to do it again ^_^
and think it as a practice before the bungee that awaits there~~

Happy happy ^_________^

THnx G for the chance

Have a good week everybody~~

And start the new month with new spirit~
(there’s no word late to start everything, rite? better late than not to do it at all)
Goodbye may, welcome June ^__^


10 thoughts on “Fly~~

    • hihi ayooo, latian pake rollercoaster dulu hihi…kalo ga salah perna denger di jepun ada roller yang sadis.. lupa nama themeparkna.. fujikyuu?? molla sejenis itu d hehe
      hmmm kayaknya semenit kali ya di swing2 hihi seru ci wil~

    • yah jangan copot dulu ciiii hihihi…
      justru ini latian biar jantung ga gampang copot πŸ˜€
      errr..kalo ada yang mau bayar, coba coba dikenalin ke daku ci, daku mau lagi de, apalagi dibayarin hahha

  1. wah, ternyata uda lewat sebulan ya…
    ah, waktu emang berlalu cepat…
    tapi alasan utama tak ikut ta, karena waktu itu masih miskin..hahahahaha..
    Sekarang? tetap miskin…wakakakakak….

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