May the luck be with me

Rainy Days

Dorm Alley

(Pic was taken couple of days ago to express the weather nowadays ^_^)

Current weather : 18C *finally spring’s weather coming back ^_^*
Location : lovely Room (as usual just back from another lovely place -a.k.a. l.a.b- kkk)
Time : (around) 3

Hoho…Not quite different with prev post bout fly-ing things.. tomorrow today there’s gonna be another fly-ing thing..

Well dunno how will it be happen, but somehow today’s condition remind me the last year’s hactic.. But the condition not that bad, at least i have no fever now ^__^

Well there’s still many things that have to be done, yeah giants never end…Several big things..
1. June 12 gonna be the due date for one BIG giant to be tumbled down
2. June 10, another giant
3. June 13, is the parent of the giant no.2
4. June 15, is the child of GIANT no.1
Huaa…see, now giants come in a family… Watta~~~~ *practice to kick them kk*
Well, other giants are waiting after those date, but let’s just face these families first..Gotta face them one-by-one..

And now the condition is not possible to attack those giants, cos need to gather more strength to beat it… So, instead of thinking today’s plan as a thing that delay my progress, i’ll take this chance to recharge the power to face the giants ^__^
Anyway, i’m going to have lot of fun with it…

Absorb the energy from the nature is one of the best thing to recharge, right? ^^

Well, still not prepare yet, but tomorrow i’ll prepare for that surely.
So may the luck be with me~

Well, for me, i just feel that it’s not a right time, cos still so much thing to do. But if we wait for the right time, it might never come unless we take the chance and then realize that it’s the right time. Well, during this limited time, i don’t know how far i can go with the giants, but something for sure, I won’t give up and I’ll keep doing my best!! Azaaaa~~~

Thnx God for the chance, even though i have no idea how will it be, but i’m sure it’s gonna be good in Your time in Your way.

See ya~~~
*gotta out from Seoul in couple of days for recharging*

Dear giants, be prepare for my attack hohoho
타타 화이팅~~

Have a good day~


8 thoughts on “May the luck be with me

  1. itu payung yang coklat kok, kek payung di indo yah! penyok2 masih di pake juga wakakakakak…
    kek dorm di china atau taiwan begitu juga yah modelnya kek mes na pabrik2

    • haha penyok2 selama masi berfungsi teuteupp~~
      eh ato jangan2 pemilikna orang indo yaa..hihihi… tapi kayaknya bukan de 😛
      o hoo…dari luar bole terlihat seperti mes.. tapi dari dalam manthaap boo ^_^

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