Looping forever~

23.37pm @ lab
And it’s hot~ it was 28C yesterday..

Alohaaa…i’m still alive in heree ^___^ almost 3 weeks…

Well the giants still there…but less..cos one giant with his family already beaten ^___^  But just like indonesian’s proverb (OMG… something dangerous in here…i forgot the word “proverb” but what on my mind was 속담 -SokDam, n i start to use the K-E dic… 오마이갓), back to the proverb.. There’s a proverb said “mati satu tumbuh seribu” -> One dead replaced by one thousand. Actually that proverb is used to encourage the heroic spirit(patriotic). For this time, it works for the giants~

Sunset*picture for refreshing*

Ok back to topic…what’s looping forever in here???

L.A.P.A.R (indonesian word for H.U.N.G.R.Y)~~~~

Yes..i’m hungry! but i can’t eat ㅜㅜ cos there’ll be medical check up tomorrow morning, which require me to fast from 9pm (well i drank till 10 actually hihi). So the question : “why don’t u eat?” could be answer directly.

Next possible question : Why don’t u sleep?

Because, still not finish one assignment that suppose to be given tomorrow. Tomorrow morning i’m going to go for med.check till afternoon. Means no more time to do it but now.

Another question : Why don’t u do it now!!

Hmmm, cos i got a headache *hix hix* i think it’s because of hungry~ So headache makes me hard to concentrate.

sooo the sequence is :
hungry – headache – can’t concentrate – push to concentrate – can’t concentrate – headache – hungry

If sleep then
assignment not finish but can sleep
else keep trying then
assignment still not sure can be finished cos of hungry n headache but some progress might be made

Sooo..blogging could break the looping for a while… kkkk

time to go back to assignment as far as i could… then go back and sleep~~



10 thoughts on “Looping forever~

    • o hooo…itu godaan berat pit…
      gelas nangkring di depan mata, kimbab disimpen di laci, cookies juga ad di laci, pringles nongkrong di samping monitor (biar gampang keliat haha) tapi apa daya, semuanya cuma bisa diliat hihihi…. pan kudu puasa sebelon medical check

      tapi sekarang… semuanya dapat kunikmatiiiii huahuahuahua

    • suda doooonkkkk…indahnya dunia saat makan dan minum tidak dilarang
      kurusan dari hongkong ci….. tinggi turun 2cm berat malah naek 5 kilo neeeee mamiiiiiiii heleeeeppp….

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