There’s always a good thing behind thing that we thought bad, right? Well at least that’s what i felt this morning ^__^ after last nite’s uncertain condition, hungry + headache + stomach (errr like wanna vomit i think it’s kinda gastric probs) + confuse bout the works, this morning i woke up without headache and stomach ache (after i put a hot pack on my stomach through the nite)  ^___^… A good start in the morning ^__^

And after the 4 hours med check and weird drink, finally i can eat ^__^ and i enjoyed that meals so much…

Yups, it was 4 hours medical check up *wow*, but it was a complete check (the most complete that i ever did). There were hearing test, eye-test which not only reading letter thing (i remember dad’s eye test, cos it looks similar ^^), heart test (ECG), USG for stomach and chest, mammogram and the last Upper Gastrointestinal test.

For the Upper Gastrointestinal test, i should took 1 drink couple of minutes before, and then another weird drink (like milk but taste like pocari) and during the test they gave another drink like soda thing…so they put the flour into the mouth, then poured the water and asked me to swallow it… and burp is not allowed : (. I was impressed with those sophisticated machines.

The result will be sent around 2 weeks later. But there are some results that shown directly like blood pressure, weight, height..and here’s the confession part hahaha. On oct last year, i took the test and quite surprised cos i got +2 for the height… And how bout now????

hmm now is… +5 -2.
unfortunately, +5 for weight and -2 for height hahahaha.
Yeah.. i gained too much lately hix… become a fat girl now kkkkk… Huff..gotta exercise more and decrease the snack (but not samGyeopSal hahaha). I don’t really care bout the height difference, cos i think that’s my real height…but for the weight… huhuuhhu yeah that’s my real weight now too *confession of a fat chubby gal hahaa*.

Let’s see what’s gonna happen in the next 3 months hihihi~~ and wish the result wont be bad ^__^


6 thoughts on “Confession

  1. well,dear…never forget to keep on exercise and drink mineral water for sure :p hehehehee…

    FACE THE GIANTS!!!! BEAT ‘EM UP !!!! GO GO GO SUPERGIRL !!!! hohohhohooh…

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