Wish me luck~

Yup..the same title for the similar thing ^_^ but not to similar kkk

Well someone asked me to do thing again. Thing that i used to do it before, but in a very different situation. So it’s not a new thing, but gonna be the first time for thing like this kkk

dunno how will it be, i expect a good thing (though i don’t really have enough confidence for this) and i’ll do my best for this.  N lucky i could get a great role model for this thing couple of days a go. *well i’m still faaaaar away from my role model kkk*

Thnx to pan (my roomie) for being an express designer for this n that kkkk
Thnx to friends for rehearsing together, n tolerate my mistakes also some friends who accompany me in rehearsing in another place kkk

I’ll do my best n trust G for the rest..
Wish me luck~~



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