The Concert

It was last week, July 2nd 09. I went to see concert in LG Art Center. And the singer was…. my fav ^^ Lena Park (박정현 it’s always hard to pronounce her korean name kk)

At first I saw the poster in Kist’s cafeteria and i was wondering
Lena Park Concert

Hua it’s lena.. I do really like her voice, it’s so powerful!Try to listen in here.

Then I just checked the ticket, but at first i thought it was sold out *sad*. Then messaged my friend who likes Lena too. And lucky i was wrong ^__^

After some discussion, the finally July 2nd was decided. Though 66,000 gone from my account, but it was satisfied with the concert. The place, the voice, the decoration, the lighting, the band… Great! And she was communicative with the audience.

And so happy cos songs that i wished to hear live, were sung perfectly ^__^

To see her concert before the P-day (which was yesterday) really give me big encouragement, especially to add some confidence. Thnx a lot to my friend who accompanied me too, cos it must be quite boring to go to concert alone. And thnx G for giving me this experience, to see live solo-concert like this. It was GREAT ^_^


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