The Preparation

So, a lil story about preparation for the P-day…

It was 2 weeks ago…suddenly someone came and asked me to be part of the band again… but it was quite different with the previous one, and I really have no confidence in it (worse than previous one). But in another side, it was a big challenge, moreover this is  the thing that i like..

So the only thing that i could said just, I’ll try my best, but please be open to me. In case i messed the band, just tell me, cos i had no experience in this kinda thing. Well last year, i had performances with other friends in one event, but it was totally different compare with this event.

Well, luckily though i still don’t know about that plan, i started to like to go to 노래방 (read : NoRaeBang) ㅋㅋㅋ so, let’s see the list for this 2 weeks hahahaa

26 Jun 09, Fri.
My friend who stay in another province in Korea came to Seoul. We were in the same univ before and same small groups. So me her n one more friend who live in Seoul, we went out together. Had quick dinner and next was 노래방 ㅋㅋㅋ. It was the first time for one friend, and look like he enjoyed it a lot xixixi

27 Jun 09,Sat.
After the quick city tour ^^ (창덕궁 – changDeokGung Palace, had 닭갈비 – TakKalBi, 청계천 – CheongGyeCheon) with friends, at nite (around 11 xixixi) went to 노래방 again

Somehow i lost my memory what i did on Sun after church : (

29 Jun 09, Mon
after the class, continued with..노래방 again ㅋㅋㅋ (especially this day was the day when i heard the news)

30 Jun 09, Tue
* skip the exchange language with 언니 – Onni hix *
First time practice with the band. I didn’t feel good, cos i felt lil bit un-stable while practicing. But somehow they said, I was accepted *thnx G* but i was still no confident enough

2 Jul 09, Thu
* skip the exchange language with 언니 – Onni hix *
After watching the great concert from lena. Wow she inspired me a lot.
And after that (around 11) went to 노래방 again (for practicing and refreshing xixixi)

3 Jul 09, Fri
* skip the YBM class *
2nd rehearsal with the band. And…continued from 노래방 again hahahaa, at first i was quite tired especially after the rehearsal, but somehow the girls said wanna go.. so we went there in 6 xixixix

4 Jul 09, Sat
No practicing -> totally “dead” after another quick city tour with friends from Indo
(경복궁 – GyeongBokGung palace, 인사동 – InSaDong, had 닭갈비 – TakKalBi, back to hotel to put things, back to 인사동 – InSaDong to get forgotten thing, Teddy museum, 서울타워 – Seoul Tower *yey finally i saw the laser show ^^*)

5 Jul 09, Sun
*skip the church…sorry G*
after another quick city tour with additional crazy things kkk
(명동 – myeongDong, had 칼국수 – KalGukSu, 커피프린스 1 호점 – 1st place of Coffee Prince, 육삼 빌딩 – 63 building, took 유람선 – YuRamSeon – ferry in han river)
Then continued with 1 hour of 노래방 again (for preparing)

6 Jul 09, Mon
* skip the YBM class hix *
Last band rehearsal in the studio

7 Jul 09, Tue
* skip the exchange language with 언니 – Onni hix *
First band rehearsal in the performance place – Johnson Auditorium in KIST
Omg…memorizing the lyric was not an easy task!
N at nite Pan helped me to prepare things for tmrw, clothes, shoes, accessories n everything kkkk (thnx P)

8 Jul 09, Wed
In the morning, last rehearsal before the performance
Finally, we performed at lunch time ^___^

Thnx G for helping everything during the preparation for the performance~


6 thoughts on “The Preparation

  1. pitshu juga baru nonton TV Dramanya coffee prince ^^, recomen lagi donk! tv series atau pelem yang bagus, trus pemainnya cantik2 dan ganteng2 hahaha ^^

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