Better to be rabbit than cat


If yesterday was rabbit day, then today is cat day. Cos the lunch menu is grilled boiled fish with boiled vegetables. And we prepared 2 삼치( tenggiri in indonesian) which is soooo much. Especially for me who don’t really like fish. Cos it’s too fish hahahaha. It’s better to eat lot of chopped boiled carrots then big chop of fish.

Well i like fish if it’s chopped n fried, but if the block is quite big and it is boiled…it’s too fish n err to many “meat” part for me. Just like chicken breast, it’s too “meat”-y for me, i prefer the leg ^_^
But if the chopped is not too big, i still can enjoy ^^

So next time if i should face cat day again, i’ll prepare less fish, and make it in smaller chop! ^_^
*gotta revenge with the steak tonite hahahahaha*

Or anybody has good recipe to make nyummy boiled fish?


2 thoughts on “Better to be rabbit than cat

  1. oh my goodness, it seems like your diet plan is quite ‘inhumane’.
    you start to change into ‘animal’ after embarking on it 🙂

    빨리 다시 인간으로 바꿔야지 ㅋㅋ

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