If previous one is ho..ho..ho.. then it will be hi..hi..hi..

I do really thnx G for giving me this oppurtunity ^_^, i do really enjoy it^^

So, after 2 weeks preparation, the summary is :
– 2 times skip YBM class
– 3 times skip language exchange with 언니 (so sorry -.-) but one is because of the concert xixixi
– 3 times rehearsal in studio
– 6 times 노래방 (NoRaeBang, which means singing room, or could be said karaoke hahaha)

Finally, the P(erformance)-Day came… tadaaaa
well till the H-1 i still couldn’t memorize the lyric well, but my friends said, don’t worry bout that, people wont notice if u sing the wrong lyric, just focus on the tone…

So…here is the result ^_^
At first, i should remind, don’t expect too much hahaa. But for me, since it’s my first experience to do something like this, i’m happy for it, though i made mistakes xixiixi, but i really enjoyed it ^_^ *thnx G*

Here’s the video from our last performance, the collaboration between 2 bands

This is the song from Olympic 88 in Korea.

The rest of the songs :
Crying machine
Every breath you take
This love

and my fav xixixixi

Hihihi..finally i did it, dunno whether it’s good or bad,  as long as i enjoy it, i love it ^_^


17 thoughts on “Hi..hi..hi..

  1. 아흑..다썼는데 지워지공!!!
    밥도 못먹구..
    화목언니도 못만나고
    고생한 마르타~~ 친구들이랑도 못놀구..ㅠㅠ
    그래도 난 유투브말고 라이브로 들려달라!! 들려달라!! 들려달라!!

  2. Wuiss.. Gak kesampaian nyanyi di choir jadi nyanyi di band dehh.. Ha..ha…
    Duuh.. di sini lemot banget neh i-net nya.. mo liat streaming mulu.. Cape deee.. He..he..

    • hoho..err sebenernya si da masup choir hihihi…

      yang lebi cape lagi, pas tunjukin ke tong2… komentarnya apa coba…
      itu low note, harusnya pake pendekatan head register juga~~~
      *dubrak deee…emang beda de komen dari tong2 hahaha*

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