N-Seoul Tower

One of my favorite place in Seoul.
Some people say Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower. And now the new name is N-Seoul Tower.

It’s not hard to get there, just take subway and bus, it will stop near the tower. Or it is also possible to be climbed. Another way is taking cable car (around 7000). But for me, I would prefer to take bus. I heard the seoul government just opened the glass elevator to reach there. Well that might be another option to go there.

If the weather is good, the view from this place is great, especially at night


Not only the view, but the tower itself is also beautiful at night.


And finally i found the new decoration on Saturday night around 9.30pm

4 6 2

For me, it’s one of the recommended places in Seoul
Love this place ^_^

Official website : here


12 thoughts on “N-Seoul Tower

  1. I was born in Korea
    I live in Korea
    I have gone to here at namsan tower , seoul tower
    but I haven’t gone at N seoul tower ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    your photo is great!

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