Rainy n Hot Weekend

Sat, 18 July 2009

It was cloudy in the morning, went to friend’s church to participate the one-day bible camp for kids (1-3 years old). Gosh they were soo cute n funny ^_^. And the Nigerian food made by new friend was nyummy. I had a great time~

Lucky me, it was raining quite hard when i was in church, and it stopped just right when i went back to home *with many stuff given by the bible-camp committee -감사합니다*. N right after i arrived in dorm, it was raining quite hard again (+wind)

*lucky me*

So, stayed in dorm, did my laundry n watched drama while waiting for it.

It was raining cats n dogs outside, the weather was perfect, drama was waiting. One thing that made it complete was the meal ^_^. And the best meal for weather like this is… INDOMIE KUAH with EGG ^_^ *nyum nyum* It’s been a while i didn’t eat it~

So rainy saturday spent with having ME time in dorm ^__^

Sun, 19 July 2009

It was quite cloudy when i went out for the church in the morning. Went back to dorm around 1, it was HOT *what a weather*. And it’s to bore to spend sunny day in dorm, so i text Pan to go somewhere, n ColdStone was the answer ^_^

While waiting for the ColdStone time, i took my quick lunch.
It’s Ottogi Hamburger Steak. Cheap, nyummy and quick. Just put it (with the foil) on boiled water for 3 minutes, then it’s ready.

When it’s time, we went somewhere to find the place, unfortunately we couldn’t found it there. So moved to another place around Hyehwa Station. Lucky we stopped in a right stop (cos had no idea where should we stop) and we saw the place near the bus stop.. Cold stone~~ here we come ^_^

The Queue and The Making

The Queue and The Making

Available Topping

The Toppings

Finally i knew why it’s called ColdStone, cos they mixed all the topping on the cold stone (freezing pan?) and it was yummy ^_^

Coffee Lovers Only and CheeseCake Fantasy

Coffee Lovers Only and CheeseCake Fantasy

After added the calories, we walked around. Which unfortunately brought us to another interesting eating place


Those 8 pieces of mandu, only for 1,000 won. ^_^ and it tastes good too~ They also have Kimchi Mandu, and the bread (빵). Good place with good price ^_^

Time flew~ Just on our way back, it was dinner time. So we ended this culinary journey with TakKalBi


TakKalBi (Before and After)

Thnx God for the great weekend. When it was rainy i had nyummy warm INDOMIE kuah, and when it was hot, i could had GoldStone ^___^

*forgot bout diet for weekend hahaha*

End of nyummy weekend, time to start the exercise n diet (I wish kkkk)

Have a good day~


10 thoughts on “Rainy n Hot Weekend

  1. 일찍 잔다고 해서 주말 업데이트 없을지 알았는데.
    업데이트하고 늦게 잤군요~
    드디어 대학로를 갔네~ 축하축하~
    마르타의 닭갈비 사랑~ ㅋㅋ 말릴수가 없어

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