Solar Eclipse 2009

I remember last time, i saw the full one was when i was on 1st or 2nd grade in high school (can’t remember for sure, may be 9 years ago, dunno..not important thing anyway xixixi). Since i like nature, I felt good when i got a chance to see it.

And just got email from friend, tomorrow July 22 2009, there’s gonna be solar eclipse. And just check to the official site (NASA), and even there’s a wiki for it.

For here, in Seoul, there wont be 100% solar eclipse.

[according to NASA document]
The first contact will be 00:34:55 UT => 09:34:55 KST (Korean time)
And time for the maximum eclipse (around 70%) will be 01:48:27 UT => 10:48:27 KST (Korean time)

Hmm for Indonesia, it looks like it wont be quite obvious, because the biggest maximum eclipse will be in Medan, the northest part of Indonesia (i think haha, CMIIW), is only 20% at 01:03:00UT => 09:03:00 WIB

So, will i able to see it tomorrow?
Let’s see^ ^~


4 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 2009

  1. i saw it ta tadi pagi, tapi dari TV..huahaha soalnya ada live show lsg dari china dan india yg kt nya paling jelas keliatannya. dan katanya byk pantangannya loh klo lagi solar eclipse gitu. kata TV loh bkn kt gua…hihihi

  2. google emang kreatif logo na berubah jadi gerhana juga hahaha… πŸ˜€
    berhubung eike enggak ada TV, baca e-news, koran, dll jadi liat logo na google aja hahaha πŸ˜€

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