The Eclipst that I Saw

Wednesday, July 22 2009

Yippie ^_^ finally i saw it. Though it was not total eclipse in here, but it was great to be able to see it ^_^. I tried to look out a window couple of times, but it was still bright and I couldn’t see any eclipse. So i was thinking to go roof around 10.25AM KST (seoul time).

Near the maximum eclipse time (10.48), suddenly got a call from a friend n said they were gathering in front of one building with the telescope. O ho~what a right time~ So i went there with some lab friends, and see what I saw..

Eclipse July 2009 in Seoul

That’s the sun reflection on the paper, because it was quite dangerous to see it directly.

And this is how they did it

telescope settingI tried to take some pictures of the sun, but most of them are failed : (. But somehow we found another way to see it directly [double sunglasses quite work xixixixi, triple for those who wear the glasses like the model below ^^]


It was interesting to see it with friends ^_^

Some pictures from the reflection


Some pictures on the sky ^__^ Thnx to the clouds

The Eclipse

Thnx God for a chance to see it ^_^
It’s not often to be able to see the sun that looks like a moon~


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