Today’s Highlight

Some pictures of some places in Paju City through my cam

English Village (KO+EN)

English Village - Entrance


Concert Hall

Concert Hall

Cafetaria (from the back)

Cafetaria (from the back)

Hyeri Village (KO+EN)

Hyeri Art - Dalki Spot

Dalki Spot

Hyeri Art - Teddy Cafe

Teddy Cafe

Hyeri Art - Gallery


Provence (KO)

Provence - Taro House

Taro House

Provence - Resto


Provence - Cake Cafe

Cake Cafe

-end of trip-

KO : Korean Version
EN : English Version

More details and pictures will be updated not-very-soon ^___^


6 thoughts on “Today’s Highlight

  1. 늦게 들어갔는데 언제 또 업댓을 했넹~~
    사진 보니깐 예쁘고 괜찮은데??
    헤이리랑 영어마을이 섞인거 같은데
    섞인거 맞아용?

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