My 초복

Continuation of previous post about time to eat 삼계탕 (SamGyeTang).

Yup, finally I ate SamGyeTang that day with my friend ^_^. We went to MyeongDong SamGyeTang. Normally, in that kind of that SamGyeTang place will be very crowded. But lucky us, it was raining cats and dog when we went there (try to see another good point of view ^_^)

So we ordered 2 SamGyeTang.. And here’s what we had

SamGyeTang in MyeongDong

SamGyeTang in MyeongDong

And there was a glutinous rice inside the chicken. *nyummy ^___^*

New thing that i just found that day was the little cup on the right side there. It was a ginseng liquor (인삼주 [ InSamJu] or 人蔘酒 ) and the taste was soooo ginseng. But since she said it’s good for health, i finished that drink ^_^

And another new thing was about best friend in this meal. There are 3 best friends inside this meal, which are Ginseng (인삼 [InSam] – or 人蔘), Chestnut (밤 [Bam]) and Chinese Date / Jujube (대추 [DaeChu]). She said all of them are healthy ingredients and if three of them meet each other, it will give much healthier.
*but don’t ask me about the taste xixixi, cos after I tried each one of it, I prefer to mix it with the chicken while eating it hahaha*

The second day of 복날 [BokNal] was last Friday. So one more day left, which is Aug 13 ^__^

Have a nice bright sunny summer ^___^
Today’s weather is around 24C


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