July 25th 09

Went at 6am from dorm to reach the bus to Everland Resort from GangNam Station. In GangNam we met our friends and took the 7am bus to everland resort and 출발~~~~ (go~~~~)

Today destination is : Caribbean Bay (official site) in Everland Resort, South Korea. Last time when i went here, i just visited the Everland Theme park, so it’s time to see the water park ^_^.
Arrived there it was almost 9 and it was crowded! Thanks a lot to my friend, cos because of her, we could get discount ^_^

Bringing food from outside is not allowed here! (include biscuits and other meals that can be screened before entering it, if u pass, then it’s ur luck)
To buy anything inside, we used Bay Coin (which is a wrist band with barcode). The option is to buy 30,000 or 50,000 or or 100,000 won. I chose 30,000 won (at last 7000won still left and changed to cash) .

Locker to put your our things was provided, and no need to worry to spend lot of 500 won, cos the coin can be taken after we locked the locker.

Bob Sleigh

After finishing this and that, our first slide was BobSleigh ^_^ *looks cool huh :P*

Even though we had to wait around 30 minutes for the first slide (right) and almost 1 hour for the second slide (left), it was worthed to be waited ^_^

Pic before 1st sliding

*P.S : be careful with the bar, or ur head could hit it : ( *

In my opinion, when u come here, those 2 slides are must taken slides ^_^. Another one is Boomerang, a swing swing thing ^_^

Boomerang Slide

Boomerang Slide

Boomerang Slide

Boomerang Slide

The wave pool and the surfer board parts in Caribbean Bay were quite challenging

The great day was closed with (a must ride) T-Express in Everland ^_^, cos on July, it’s free to get in to everland for those who go to caribbean bay

More pictures : in here
*gotta sleep~~*


5 thoughts on “Sliding~~~

    • hoho ga laaa…30rebu itu buat beli beli makanan n cemilan di dalem… kalo ga abis ending2na bisa dibalikin lagi kok..
      kalo tiket masupna si sekitar 60rb huahuahuahua, tapi kemaren dapet diskon, jadi cuma bayar 20rebu.

      dannn tentuna ga cuma luncur2 🙂 bs santai2 di ban, maen2 ombak, coba2 sauna whirl pool (tapi ajubile rame abis, jadi daku tak coba), trus hot water pool juga ada….banyak deeee hihihi…
      tapi kalo mo berenang beneran…hmmm na ini yang ga keliatan kemaren ^ ^

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