Thnx God for the sky

Tuesday, Aug 5 4th 09

It was around 25C in this summer..

In the morning i was splashed with a simple but deep questions.
What if… what if you know that you have several days left to life. What would you do? How will you see your life? Will there be any regret?

I have no idea, why these question suddenly pop-up in the morning. So i tried to answer it to my self. If…
If i only have several days left, then i would spend it with my friends then go back to spend my times my family. And write how i spend every single day, to realize how blessed I am.
And i will see my life as a gift, and there will be no regret for everything that I’ve passed, and I’ll always try my best to be better me.
Dunno why, but that’s the answer that pop-up in my mind this morning.

On my way to lab, i started to think of my answer, and just realized how blessed I am, cos at least I could see my life in good point of view. Thnx G~

So, today I made appointment to go to bus station with my friends, to reserve the ticket.

When I went out lab around 6 to buy the ticket, suddenly *wow*-ed by the sky today.
so directly took the cam in my bag and *click*

Summer Evening Sky in KIST

Summer Evening's Sky in KIST

Not long after that, got a message from friend that said she’s going to be late cos of something. So, instead of rushing to the meeting point, I enjoyed the sky this evening by riding bike. Look up n front *of course kkk, otherwise brrruuukkk *

To me, enjoying simple but beautiful thing from the nature, can light up my day ^_^

Apartment near KIST

The Apartment near KIST

Sky - 090804 - 3b

The Dormitory

So, though we were late for the next appointment, but thnx for the lateness cos i can enjoy the beautiful sky this evening more ^_^

And here’s what I bought

The Ticket

The Ticket

Reserved the mid-night bus, will arrive there at dawn.

On the way back to dorm, met friend to borrow the book then ate PaJeon ^ ^

Wish I could understand the dialect a bit kkkk
The plan, the route already set up.
Travel alone and meet friend and wish it wont be rain too hard

Time for sleep~~~

Once more thnx G for the beautiful sky~


7 thoughts on “Thnx God for the sky

  1. Wonderful sky…
    God is awesome..
    Jadi ingat lagu God is an awesome God He reign, ama lagu si Nikita yang Selamat Pagi Bapa (kalo tak salah)… πŸ˜€

    Hope that our life become a blessing for others.
    Thanks for sharing….
    God bless…

  2. gau juga suka liat langit, suka naek sepeda sante2 sambil menikmati angin segar dan pemandangan alam.
    tapiiii.. kenapa jakarta ini pagi2 aja udah penuh sesak ama asap knalpot dan bunyi bajaj? hiksss… T_T

    • hahaha… bajaj~ kangen juga lama ga liat bajaj πŸ˜›
      kudu naek ke apt kali ya biar bisa aman dari asep n suara2 sekitar hehehe *atau naek monas?? ^_^*

  3. λ‚˜λ„ 이날 ν•˜λŠ˜ λ„˜ μ’‹μ•„μ„œ μ…”ν„° 많이 λˆŒλ €λŠ”λŽ…..
    근데 카메라가 μ•ˆλ°›μ³μ£Όκ³ ..
    λ˜ν•œ… ꡬ도λ₯Ό 잘 λͺ»μž‘λŠ”λ‹€κ³  μΉœκ΅¬ν•œν…Œ ν˜Όλ‚¬μ–΄μš©

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