Wish everything gonna be alright~

Wed, Aug 5th 09 @ Dorm. (28C outside)

Gonna be the last post for this week, cos i’m going to go soon ^_^.
Everything had prepared, the plan, the things. But no one knows what might be happen ahead.
Just wish everything gonna be alright ^______^

Hmm lil bit not peace bout something while i was going out from lab today, but nothing i can do about that, cos i don’t really know bout it too. but dunno why it makes me quite worry, just can wish everything gonna be alright.

Out of that thing, everything is fine ^_^. Well i don’t wanna expect too high also. At least I’ve prepared it, if something happen out of my prediction, then let it be. *worry bout the weather, cos forecast said that it might be rain on Thurs and it will be rain on Fri*.
Just like i wrote yesterday, there wont be any regret : ).
Prepared everything, do my best and wish for the best ^_^ and trust Him for the rest~

And from the ODB that i just read reminded me with the quote that I got last year (which was calming my soul)

I will not leave you, nor forsake you (Josh 1:5b).
Thnx for the quote~

So it’s time to go now.
Time for 2nd summer holiday ^_^

Wish everything gonna be alright and see ya~~~


7 thoughts on “Wish everything gonna be alright~

  1. 언제 쓰고 나갔어??
    비오면 비와도 좋고 흐리면 흐린대로 좋고
    맑으면 맑은대로 좋고..
    그런것이야 여행이..
    맑은날은 맑은 하늘을 볼 수 있어 좋고..
    흐른날은 흐늘 하늘을 볼 수 있어 좋고..
    ^-^ 서울에서의 걱정거리는 다 놓고와~
    놀때는 신나게~~ 아응 좋겠당..

  2. (onni = ci; ci = onni)
    @ ci viol (a.k.a pucca) n sunyoung onni
    hahaha… let me answer in english xixixi

    ci viol asked about who you r and why did u write in korean~~, haha and i think you started to understand indonesian now hahaha

    sunyoung onni is my korean friend, and the point of her msg is dun worry and have a good vacation (CMIIW)

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