I’m back

Quite the same topic with Ms.San… I just back for the vacation with lil bit darker than before. Unfortunately i can’t follow her next plan (which is sung by Bubble : ( ). Anyway just a quick update to start the new week.

Everything is alright now ^__^

Have a good week ahead~~

Actually last week quite worry bout the pain in my stomach, cos i got pain in the right below of my stomach. I was worried if it was appendicitis, so all i could do just tried to drink more,  and prayed, if it is it, then let it be done *i’ll give up my vacation’s plan*. But thnx G after 3 days it was gone.
And the most relieving one is finally the worry from last week’s post already solved. Everything is alright now ^_^
Thnx G for helping it, thnx also for beautiful views that i saw, thnx for the nature.
Some plans could not be ran as it was planned, but some plans were done. And some were beyond expectation ^___^

The pictures and details will be updated in not very soon xixixi
*cos it’s time to finish some works and prepare for the test~*

Once more, have a good week ahead~~


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