Sleep tight~

Good night and sleep tight~

What a common word at night. I’m a type of person that easily fall asleep (unfortunately any time any where hihi), in some points it could be an advantage while lot of people out there have insomnia, but there were times when i wished i could awake for more hours (especially when the whooshing sounds of deadline approach). Well everything has plus minus.

But there were times when i was worry to sleep : ( and it made me tired when i woke up. My friend told me, in korean it’s called “가위 눌리다“. There were times when I had a feeling when this thing will come, so I used to prepare things to wake me up ^_^.

I just found out another good preparation for this ^__^. The key is mp3 player ^^

It’s been 3 days i slept with it, since last Sunday till yesterday. Well it was helpful ^ ^. Just set sleep timer for 1 hour, then I’ll be overslept~~ Zzzzzz

On Sunday night, I was quite tired after back from the trip. I was planning to sleep earlier, but in the end (after this and that) I slept around 2. When i went to bed, then it came : (, so i tried hard to wake up, then took my player and slept~.
On Monday night, (after this and that ^ ^) i slept around 3, but this time I put my player first ^_^, cos i had the feeling it will come again. So i could sleep safely ^_^.

Last nite, I was planning to sleep earlier, cos felt not so good enough. So went back to lab around 9, then prepared to sleep. It was before 10 and i was ready to sleep ^_^. Overslept after reading the book (to prepare for the test) but not long after that it came : ( *hix hix*. Lucky my roommate still awake and she made some sounds, so i was awaken with that sound *hosh hosh*.
Tried to sit on the bed to calm down, then took my player again, set the timer, plugged the earphone and slept~

Hmm still try to figure out bout the causes.
Too tired? *but i have no tight deadlines like before*.
Lack of sleep? *though i slept late i woke up quite late too xixi, at least more than 5 hours la*
Stressed? *hmm i just back from holiday and i did enjoy it*
Unrealized stressed? *possible, since it’s unrealized, so how can i know hihihi*

Well…so far, the player quite helped me, but i wish i could sleep without it tonite ^_^

Dear sleep paralysis, it’s tiring when i want to wake up but can’t, also when i feel like i’m awake but can’t move. So please don’t come again la~~ Let me sleep tight ^__^


2 thoughts on “Sleep tight~

  1. you probably over-exerted yourself during your holiday. i think you rushed from place to place and walked on foot a lot. it seems like you are always worn-out after every vacation. tsk tsk.

    피곤할 텐데 잘 자. 오늘 삼계탕을 먹어야지. 말복이니까 ^^

    • ㅋㅋㅋ 그런가?
      넹~~ 삼계탕 냠냠… 아까 헉교식당메뉴 체크하더니 삼계탕 있네 ^__^
      time for recharge 🙂

      finally i could put off the player last nite ^_^

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