The last day….

Aug 13th 09. Partly cloudy bit sunny – 27.3C outside.

Today (09.08.13) is the last day of 복날 (BokNal) which called 말복 (MalBok – 末伏),  so it means it’s time to eat 삼계탕 (SamGyeTang) again ^__^. I just checked the menu in cafeteria and they will serve 뚝배기반계탕 (Half chicken soup with ginseng). Nyummy~~~

My 초복 (ChoBok – 初伏 – first day) I ate it for my dinner with my friend. And somehow I skipped the chicken in the 중복 (JungBok – 中伏), but it was fine. So it’s time for welcoming the chicken again in  말복 (MalBok – 末伏)

Can’t wait for the lunch ^__^

Have a nice sunny summer day~

*tomorrow gonna be 1.5 year since last year’s valentine, time flies~*


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