Couple of weeks ago i saw this announcement about “Blog Korea! Visit Korea!” from Korea Tourism Organization. So I tried to register. The rule is after register the committee will screen the registered blog and will decided whether it will be selected or not. They will select 100 blogs for each version. There are 2 version for English and Korean. So couple of days after registered, just checked it, but looks like i’m not the selected one ^_^.

Coincidently, i tried to see the korean version. And scroll down…Oitsss i saw something familiar, something written 7ustm3 ^_^ and it linked to the picassa album list hohoho. So does it mean i’m on the list? xixixixi… If yes, then what a coincidence, since i registered the wordpress link, but it’s the photoblog that on the list.

Well, since i’m enjoying blogging and taking picture, it’s interesting to join it ^_^.


6 thoughts on “Selected?

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