Summer Holiday Summary

This year i got 4 days summer holidays which I divided into 2.
Part 1 was July 23rd – 24th 09.
Part 2 was Aug 6th – 7th 09.

Since there’s still not enough time to tell, so just wrap it up with some pictures first ^^

Part 1 summary



On July 23rd (Thursday), spent the times near Seoul, and visiting some good places with good buildings and view
I took a bus from Seoul and went to Paju City and visited English Village, Heyri Art Village and Provence Village. I like their unique and cute buildings there.

When saw the Pucca it reminded me with PrettyPucca ^^

On July 24th (Friday). I went to DuMulMeoRi (두물머리) which is the meeting point of the North and South Han River. Then continued to my favorite place, N-Seoul Tower.

Part 2 summary

If the 1st part spent near Seoul, then it’s time to go farther~ Also it’s because my friend invited me to come to her hometown (Ulsan) and asked to go out together. *thank u onni~~*

So I went there (alone hihi) with midnite bus.

Aug 6th 09 (Thursday)



Arrived in Ulsan around 4.30, then went to GanJeolGot Lighthouse(간절곶 등대) by bus from the terminal. Actually this is the place to see sunrise, but it was cloudy and i arrived there quite late (around 6.30). But it’s fine, cos i enjoyed the view, and dunno why lately i like to see Lighthouse, water wheel / windmill, cliff ~

Back to Ulsan, met my friend then we went to GyeongJu and visited some places in a day. So we went to Bulguksa Temple, DaeReung Tomb Park (yups..tomb ^^), CheomSeongDae and place near the lake (dunno the name) that has nice big water wheel. (don’t compare it with wheels in Netherlands ^^)

Aug 7th 09 (Friday)

DaeWangAm (대왕암)

DaeWangAm (대왕암)

We went to Ulsan Grand Park, which has big wind wheel windmill (again xixi), took the shuttle bus to look around the park (it was soooo big) then we met with my friends had nyummy MilMyeon (밀면) together. My friends recommended me to go to Ulgi Lighthouse (o ho…), so after discussion I went there, while onni continued to explore the park with her cute nephew.

The view Ulgi Lighthouse (울기등대) was great, especially the DaeWangAm (대왕암). In DaeWangAm, the king was buried under this rock.

Aug 8th 09 (Saturday)

haeundae (해운대)

haeundae (해운대)

Since I’ve been far from seoul, so I continued the trip around GyeongSan-Do. At first i was planning to go alone, but lucky i could meet my friend in Busan ^_^. This day i was surprised with the view of parasols along the Haeundae beach (해운대) ~ quite unique for me to see those parasols. Cos I’ve never seen something like this in Bali, not even imagine it.

At night we crossed the GwangAn bridge by taxi (and made the video of it ^^)  and enjoyed the view in GwangAn beach (광안리),

Aug 9th 09 (Sunday) – Last day

TaeJongDae Lighthouse (태종대)

TaeJongDae Lighthouse (태종대)

The last day was closed with visiting the fish market and the great 치cliff view of TaeJongDae. I do really like this place ^__^

Then i went back with (expensive huhuhu) KTX *hoho first time*, but it was great… I enjoyed the view along the way~~

Thnx G for the great summer holiday ^_^


5 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Summary

    • hahaha…kan kan sekarang lagi summer holiday ciiii *ngeles hahaha* padahal mah tugas tetep aja ada..
      ya mumpung dapet libur 4 hari, masa mo ngelab 😛 *lagi ga jadi anak rajin : P*

  1. woo~ wow~ you have visited all the places with breathtaking view.
    gwangan bridge is really beautiful at night.

    as to why you like lighthouse, waterwheel and windmill, i can perhaps hazard a guess that you are probably aspiring to be like them ^^

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